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Chiranjeevi Reveals Pushpa Director Sukumar Suggested Lucifer Remake Would Be Perfect For Him

Megastar Chiranjeevi is currently enjoying the success of his political thriller Godfather, in which he plays the lead role of Brahma. The actor says it was his son and the film producer Ram Charan who named him the original film Lucifer. However, it was director Sukumar who convinced Chiranjeevi that the film will suit his personality, provided some changes are made to Lucifer’s original story.

During a media interaction in Hyderabad, Chiranjeevi gives credit for the film, which reportedly exceeded Rs 100 crore within five days of release, to the collective effort of the team behind the Mohan Raja director.

“I believe cinema is a collective effort. Behind the success lies a collective effort. That’s why I don’t think this victory belongs to me alone. The last film (Acharya) to be released in April was a disappointment. Me and Charan gave away a huge amount to save the buyers. GodFather has given me immense satisfaction,” Chiranjeevi said. The actor recalled, “When I saw Lucifer, I thought that if I could play such roles and gain acceptance, there would be an opportunity to play more diverse stories and roles.”

The 67-year-old actor reveals that it was Pushpa director Sukumar who felt Lucifer would be perfect for the megastar. Chiranjeevi said: “Director Sukumar told me that Lucifer would be perfect for me if some changes are made. Sukumar gave the idea, but was later unavailable (laughs). Later we had conversations with one or two directors. One day, Charan Babu mentioned the name of director Mohan Raja. Mohan Raja is the director who made Thani Oruvan brilliant. I had every confidence that Mohan Raja would do justice to the Lucifer remake. It is also a favorite subject of Mohan Raja. He said very enthusiastically that he would do it. He sat down with Satyanand and the whole team added a lot of nice changes and made GodFather amazing.”

GodFather does not have regular songs like other Telugu movies except for one promotional song “Thaar Maar” with Salman Khan. Chiranjeevi said there was no complaint from anyone about having a different format in the film.

“GodFather has a powerful subject. There was no negative feedback that there were no songs and dances, except that it would be good to do such topics. When watching the movie, no one would feel the absence of songs. The reason for this is S Thaman. He brought the film to life with the background music. Thaman’s music is why the action scenes are so high. He also suggested the title of the film,’ Chiranjeevi said.

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