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Good news! Windows 11 to get NEW features! Microsoft teases ‘Moment 2’ update

Microsoft may release the Windows 11 “Moment 2” update very soon and will provide users with a ton of new features.

Microsoft recently released a new set of features for Windows 11 in the Moment 1 update. This move marked the company’s transition from releasing major updates over longer durations and switching to releasing smaller feature updates over shorter periods of time. Known as ‘Moment’, this system has updated Windows 11 version 22H2 and added multiple features such as tabbed file explorer, taskbar overflow, iCloud Photos support, and more. And now Microsoft has already given fans a glimpse of what Moment 2 could bring. Read on to find out.

On October 26, the Windows Insider Program YouTube channel hosted an 8th anniversary webcast where the presenters gave a glimpse of the upcoming Moment 2 update and what it could bring. During the webcast, a demo Windows 11 build 23003.ni_moment_directdash_dev1.221018-160 and it highlighted a deeper touch-optimized taskbar for tablets. This feature is not present in the Moment 1 update. While fans have repeatedly asked for a redesign of the taskbar and the ability to move it around, rather than let it hang on the bottom, touch optimization is all they’re getting for now.

Microsoft Windows 11 Moment 2 update may be released soon

The Moment 2 update possibility also dismisses the idea that a major build for Windows 11 will be released soon. So instead of getting the Build 230003 version through a major update, we now get one or more Moment updates in the form of a cumulative update from Build 22621 or 22622 to Build 22623. This means that Moment updates don’t include new OS version, but just update the current 22H2 version. There will be a separate release sometime in the first half of next year that will update Windows 11 to version 23H1.

It should also be noted that new devices that ship with Windows 11 22H2 will not ship with the Moment updates, and it is not certain when these operating system features will arrive.

If this all sounds confusing, it’s because there’s a lack of clarity about the entire process. Microsoft has assured users that it will provide details in updated documentation.

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