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Amit Shah at News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’

Union Home Secretary Amit Shah, in an exclusive interview with Network18 Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi on News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’, lashed out at Congress on Monday for “expressing injustice to Sardar Patel and his legacy” .

When asked about the congressional manifesto stating that Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat will be named after Sardar Patel, Shah said: “The Congress has no right to pronounce the name of Sardar Patel. The Gandhi-Nehru family did their best to ensure that he did not get what he deserved. From his last rites to remembrance and Bharat Ratna to him, they did nothing but created obstacles. What are they actually saying?”

About the stadium, he said: “There is a stadium called Narendra Modi Stadium. Congress is lying… A sports complex called Sardar Patel complex is being built, with 18 stadiums for different sports. One of them is named after Modi… After Modi became the prime minister, we started putting up Patel’s picture. We haven’t seen his photo for 50 years.”

“The BJP believes that without Sardar Patel, the country would not have been in this form, united and with this constitution…” he said, adding: “…if all goes well, the Olympics would can also be held in the Sardar Patel complex.”

“PM Modi made the world’s largest statue for Patel. He extracted iron from the tools used by 8.5 crore workers for the statue of the peasant leader and Iron Man. Not a single congressional leader paid his respects there. They went not because Modi made it, but because it is the statue of Patel… They did nothing, no plan in his name, no Bharat Ratna… the BJP did it and now they are making his plea. They have always wronged Patel.”

Parliamentary elections in Gujarat will be held in two phases on December 1 and 5, while the vote counting will take place on December 8.

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