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Amit Shah at News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’

In an exclusive interview with Network18 Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi on News18’s ‘Gujarat Adhiveshan’, on Monday, ahead of Gujarat’s elections, Union Home Secretary Amit Shah said that “supporting raising the standard of living or making infrastructure is not revadi”.

“Gujarat has people who do analysis. So far the budget is Rs 2.42,000 crore but promises have been made worth Rs 3.52,000 crore… Some of the promises are hilarious. They say they make primary education free. It’s been free since 1960. What do you give for free? Do some research…”

Elaborating, Shah said, “Electricity is not a revadi, no bill is a revadi. Giving a house is not a revadi, but keeping it tax free is a revadi. We make toilets, but do not carry out the repair work. We have provided free rations during the pandemic due to the ongoing delay after Covid hit the poor. If a part is affected by a natural disaster, it is the government’s job to help them. It’s not a revadi, it’s support, raising their standard of living and providing infrastructure is important. That is not revadi.”

When asked if there is a three way match, with the Aam Aadmi party in the fray, he said: “Shankarsinh Waghela, Keshubhai Patel…many of them came with their parties. The people of Gujarat never got the concept of a third party accepted. It is a habit of Gujaratis that they listen to everyone. And if people are influenced by these statements, then I have nothing to say, the outcome will speak for itself.”

“The BJP has blessings from the people of Gujarat. The BJP left no stone unturned for the development of Gujarat and has met people’s expectations. We want to create a safe, well-developed and educated Gujarat with a strong government, which we have been doing for years,” Shah said. “It is not our intention to break records. We want to expand our ideology and organization. We won thanks to the love and support of people. The rule of Congress saw no law and order. We have changed that.”

Gujarat parliamentary elections will be held in two phases on Dec. 1 and 5, while the vote counting will be conducted on Dec. 8, India’s Election Commission (ECI) had announced weeks after it announced polls for the Himachal with 68 seats. Pradesh House.

The term of the 182-member Gujarat assembly will expire on February 18 next year. In Gujarat, according to the electoral roll published on October 10, more than 4.9 crore voters have been registered, of which 4.04 lakh are PwD voters; over 9.8 lakh 80-plus seniors and 4.61 lakh first-time voters.

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