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BJP extorted Bizmen in Delhi, delayed sanitation salaries: AAP

Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Monday accused the BJP of extorting businessmen and delaying the salaries of sanitation workers here, even as he claimed the saffron party “ruined” Delhi with improper waste management. During the day, the senior AAP leader also met the party’s election candidates at the nomination center in East Delhi and conveyed his wishes to them.

Sisodia said, “BJP did not pay sanitation salaries on time but extorted money from businessmen and people all over the capital. While in power with the MCD, that party ruined the city with improper waste management and did nothing for the public good. “The people of Delhi want to get rid of the BJP and the rubbish that is in the city,” he added. The senior AAP leader went on to say that the BJP was confused whether their leaders should contest the MCD elections on the basis of conspiracies or by “sending Manish”. Sisodia to Jail”.

He said Delhiites are annoyed by the BJP’s misdeeds. “The BJP’s primary task was to keep Delhi clean, but it failed horribly,” he added. Hitting back at Sisodia, Delhi BJP spokesman Praveen Shankar Kapoor said, “It is regrettable that the AAP government that has starved MCD of sanitation and other funds for eight years has repeatedly insulted the hard work of the city’s sanitation.” “The BJP-run MCD has closed 482 dhalaos (waste collection centers) and installed 220 presses for waste management. Sisodia knows full well that the people of Delhi are shocked to see his liquor policy corruption stories and they will vote heavily against the AAP,” Kapoor added.

Meanwhile, AAP’s chief spokesman Saurabh Bhardwaj claimed at a press conference that all BJP district chairmen in Delhi had left the party. “The district president is a key post, but all BJP district presidents have handed over their resignations to Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta. I want to convey my best wishes to them. They made the right decision at the right time,” he said.

Several local BJP leaders, including former Vice President Pooja Arora and former Vice Presidents Mahila Morcha Chitra Lamba and Bhavna Jain, joined the Arvind Kejriwal-led party.

“Eleven BJP leaders from Rohini’s ward number 53 joined the AAP because the BJP never acknowledged their hard work. They have worked hard for the past 15 years, but whenever they raised an issue related to waste mismanagement, the authorities ignored them,” senior leader Durgesh Pathak said.

Ashish Sood, head of the BJP’s MCD polling committee, responded to this, saying that Bharadwaj and others should worry about the AAP instead. Our party is a cadre party and some district chairmen are contesting the polls, Sood said. The MCD polls will take place on December 4 and the vote count will take place on December 7.

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