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Female Voters Outnumber Men in 42 Assembly Segments in Himachal, Can Make a Difference in 22

The focus on women, who make up 49.5 percent of total voters in Himachal Pradesh, and the announcement of free gifts by major parties are seen as contributing factors to their higher turnout in the recent parliamentary elections.

According to electoral department constituency data, the votes polled by women surpassed those of men by 4.4 percentage points.

Himachal witnessed a record turnout of 75.6 percent in parliamentary elections on November 12. Women’s turnout in 42 of the state’s 68 constituencies was higher than men’s, the data showed.

In seven constituencies, there were more than 5,000 female voters in the majority. The difference was greatest in Joginder Nagar with 8,189. In Sulah the difference was 6,276, in Jaisinghpur 6,048, Badsar 6,035, Bhoranj 5,882, Nadaun 5,536 and Sujanpur 5,613.

In 11 seats – Baijnath (4,962), Jwalamukhi (4,856), Jwali (4,477), Dharampur (3,985), Dehra (3,923), Fatehpur (3,638), Hamirpur (3,520), Nagrota (3,489), Palampur (3,381) and Shahpur (3,334) – the number of women exercising their franchise exceeded that of men by 3,000 to 5,000 votes.

According to the data, 72.4 percent of the 2,788,925 (2,019,182) men exercised their right to vote, while 76.8 percent of women (2,101,483) voted. With 2,737,845 eligible female voters, their total votes surpassed that of males by 82,301.

Of the total of 412 candidates in the fight, 24 are women.

The higher vote rate for women could make a difference in 22 Assembly segments.

In three constituencies – Jaisinghpur (SC), Bhoranj (SC) and Jubbal-Kotkhai – more women than men are allowed to vote. In 19 other constituencies, the difference between eligible male and female voters is less than 1,000.

Both the main contenders, the BJP and the Congress, claimed that they courted the female voters and secured victory.

Asha Kumari, former minister and congressional candidate from Dalhousie, said: “We hope that the women have come out en masse to support the congress because of rising inflation and bad governance.” increased in Himachal during the BJP’s tenure.

The Congress had announced the ‘Har Ghar Lakshmi, Nari Samman Nidhi’ plan, promising women Rs 1,500 a month as part of the election manifesto.

The BJP, on the other hand, had made 11 pledges to women under its ‘Stree Shakti Sankalp’ programme.

Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment in the outgoing government and the BJP’s Shahpur candidate Sarveen Chowdhary said, “It is a good sign that women came out in large numbers and the party that gets a large share of their votes, would have an advantage.

“Women would definitely vote for the BJP, which has done a lot for their empowerment and even announced a separate manifesto.” The counting of the votes will take place on December 8.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission said 26 of the 38 transgender people who registered voted, a sharp increase from the 2017 election when only 14 people voted.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Maneesh Garg said earlier this year that there were only 17 transgender people on the electoral rolls and the number is now 38 thanks to various initiatives by the Election Commission of India and the State Election Department.

He said that the Election Commission had congratulated community members at the model polling station in Dharampur and that this initiative had increased their visibility.

Furthermore, a transgender person named Bijali Mahant was made a ‘district icon’ of Bilaspur, he added.

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