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Coffee With Kadhal review: Sundar C’s tacky adult comedy masquerades as light-hearted family drama

Woman-ah woman-ah paatha precahan thaan, woman-ah life-ah Paaru. (Don’t just look at your wife as your wife, see her as your life.)”, “Attraction aayiram per mela varalam.. Aana affection oruthar kitta dhaan varum. (You are attracted to thousands, but one gives you affection.)”, “Vilundha azhadha endhiri. (If you fall, don’t cry, but get up.)…if you squirm reading such antiquated lines, imagine living through 146 minutes of such horror in a movie with a rather sunny title, Coffee With Kadhal. While the film aims to be a happy, light-hearted rom-com, the real atmosphere that the film exudes is that of B-movies like Grand Masti. Now I don’t have a problem with adult comedy unless it’s actually that… an adult comedy. Here, Director Sundar C’s film pretends to be a rom-com, but the problem is that it has neither romance nor comedy.

Ravi (Srikanth), Saravanan (Jiiva) and Kathir (Jai) are brothers with a sister played by Divyadarshini. Ravi is married to Radhika (Samyuktha), but he cheats on her with Sara (Raiza). Kathir and Abhi (Amirtha) are childhood friends who have feelings for each other. But the guy wants to marry Diya (Malavika Sharma) because her father owns a plot of land that is his dream location for his sustainable restaurant. I know… Wait a minute! However, Kathir keeps making sure that his brother Saravanan takes his financial Diya with him while he is busy fulfilling his bestie Abhi’s wish list. As you expect, Saravanan and Diya fall in love. There is more…

However, the family ends Sara as Saravanan’s betrothed, which upsets Ravi. Then read on… Meanwhile, after realizing that her feelings for Kathir aren’t going anywhere, Abhi decides to move on and get engaged to a family friend… but later Kathir begins to realize that he wants Abhi. So he starts to sabotage her relationship. We’re nearing the end… Meanwhile, wedding planners (Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley) try to make weddings work for their paychecks. Look, Coffee With Kadhal is pretty confused than it sounds.

There’s a lot going on in this movie, but nothing matters. Engagements and weddings are immediately called off. The movie just wipes out any conflict it builds for itself. Nothing seems to be at stake here. It’s okay if a movie doesn’t take itself seriously, but it should take the audience and their time seriously. You have to give it to Sundar C for stretching out such nonsense for 146 minutes. But the mind-boggling question of why anyone would make a full-length movie, if they don’t substantiate anything for the time? And this lazy movie gets some lazy music from Yuvan Shankar Raja, who has apparently given up. I wish Sundar C had done the same. I’d rather not call a movie cringefest because it’s easy and lazy. But the word fits this movie. Why go to so much trouble for a movie that isn’t the same gesture?

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