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Madhubala’s sister says only one biopic will be made about the deceased icon: ‘I won’t let anyone else create…’

star of yesteryear madhubalaYoungest sister Madhur Brij Bhushan has said there will be only one biopic about her late and celebrated sister – the film she and her team are making.

“Let me make one thing clear: there will be only one Madhubala biopic that will be supported by me and my team. The idea is not to hurt anyone’s feelings (via the said biopic), but we will show several unknown facets of Madhu Apa’s life that are not in public. The film will also put to rest some misnomers/inaccuracies about her life. Creators of Apa’s biopic, supported by me, will have every creative freedom to tell her life in a truthful and honest way,” Bhushan told Pinkvilla in a recent chat.

Before Madhur’s announcement, there were also talks about making a new biopic of Madhubala, which was reportedly funded by producer Tutu Sharma. However, Bhushan seems quite firm about her stance on her sister’s film.

“I will not let anyone else make a project based on/or inspired by the life of Madhu Apa. I’m not going to bow because as I said before, this is the emotional and legal right of the family. We will be revealing all the details about Apa’s biopic soon,” she concluded.

Madhubala appeared in about 60 films in her two-decade long career in show business. She is said to be one of the highest earning actresses of her time. Madhubala is known for her beauty and work in films like Mr and Mrs 55, Half Ticket, Mughal-e-Azam, Mahal, Badal and more. She was last seen in the 1964 drama Sharabi.

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