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Rajeev Sen accuses Charu Asopa of affair with Karan Mehra: ‘I will never forgive her’

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa are making headlines again. The estranged couple, who had previously announced that they had decided to give their troubled marriage another chance, recently announced that they were separating again. After that, Charu made some shocking revelations about Rajeev, including accusing him of physical abuse and adultery.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Charu had accused Rajeev of cheating on her while she was pregnant. In response to the allegations, Rajeev told Hindustan Times that Charu is playing the “women’s card.” “She has no proof (of the allegations), but her ego has gone through the roof. I do not deserve this. I will never forgive her for this torture and humiliation,” he said.

Charu also accused Rajeev of raising his hand to her and said the entire family was aware of the situation. However, Rajeev crushed the allegations, saying: “She has big trust issues, not me. I’m sure I can get angry, we all do, but anger is one thing, the person you provoke you to get angry is much more dangerous.” .”

Rajeev also made a surprising revelation about Charu’s alleged romance with television actor Karan Mehra. Speaking about the voice memos he had received from Charu’s mother, he said, “One of the points that emerge from the voice memo is her romance with TV actor Karan Mehra which is revealed by her mother. She made a romantic movie with him. She accuses me of cheating on her and being suspicious of her. What kind of world do we live in,” he added.

He also said that Charu uses their toddler Ziana as a shield to protect themselves. “My daughter does not deserve this. Things would have been very different if she hadn’t spoken to the media for everything,” he added.

Of their impending divorce, he said, “Postpone or no reprieve, I’m all done with her. I can’t live with someone who would repeatedly make accusations against her husband. She needs help and good guidance for herself. I am deeply concerned and concerned for my daughter’s safety.”

The couple got married in 2019 and announced their divorce a few months ago. Amid the allegations and rumors, they briefly reunited for their daughter Ziana’s first birthday earlier this week.

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