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Salman Khan lashes out at Sajid Khan on Bigg Boss 16, pulling him out for his ‘double standards’ and ‘hypocrisy’. Watch video

Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Khan, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct during India’s #MeToo movement, is part of the 16th season of TV reality show Bigg Boss, and his participation is being questioned by many. In this week’s Friday Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan will also be questioning Sajid’s presence in the show, but for different reasons.

A new promo of the show, shared by Colors, has Salman asking what Sajid is even doing on the show, since he’s barely seen throughout the episode. “Sajid iss ghar ke andar kar kya raha hai? (What is Sajid doing in this house?” Salman asks in the video. In response, the filmmaker says, “Waqt aane pe apne patte dikhaunga (will show my cards at the right time).”

Salman then explains to Sajid that this show doesn’t give anyone time and that he himself gives reasons for the audience and the creators to remove him from the show.

Later on, Salman Khan also brings up Sajid Khan’s behavior towards Gautam Vij last week. He called the filmmaker a “hypocrite” because he took a stance on something at first, but changed his stance too quickly. He says to Sajid, “You have double standards.”

During the ‘together, daam, dand’ task, Salman gave Gautam an option to become the captain at the cost of the house’s ransom. And as he was concerned about his eviction, he accepted the offer, but got a lot of reaction from housemates. Sajid called Gautam “selfish” for his decision. He even abused him. But soon Sajid became a friend of Gautam again.

Bigg Boss 16 started on October 1. Since then, the show has struggled to find an audience.

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