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Terence Lewis watches a viral video of allegedly touching Nora Fatehi inappropriately: “Why would I do something like that with four cameras around?”

Choreographer Terence Lewis has commented on the video in which he inappropriately touched Nora Fatehi on TV. The incident happened on the reality show India’s Best Dancer a few years ago. The show featured Terence as a judge, and the episode in question saw Nora appear as a guest. In the clip that went viral, people accused Terence of touching Nora inappropriately, while others assumed it something was brewing between them.

Speaking about it, Terence clarified on Maniesh Paul’s podcast: “It was a simple situation. Shatrughan Sinha and his wife had come. Geeta Kapoor thought we should do full namaskar to greet them. That week Malaika Arora had COVID and Nora stepped in her shoes. I said okay, okay. We did namaskar as respect, but suddenly Geeta felt it wasn’t enough and wanted us to do more. So we followed her directions. I don’t even remember if my hand is her (Nora ) touched, I don’t even know if it really touches.”

He added: “Actually, Nora had come on the show two weeks earlier and asked me to dance with her… Why would I want to do something like that when there are four cameras around? This is too cheap, this can’t. I was being abused, in my DMs…” Terence went on to say that memes had jumped in and said it looked ‘too real’ He called Nora right after and realized it was getting out of hand, and she were both called. “I’ve danced very close with her, and when you’re in the middle of it, you don’t think in that zone. We’re so focused, you can’t be in two worlds, and you need a lot of guts to do something like that to do…”

In 2020, Terence had defended herself by saying that the video had clearly changed. “The use of effects was so obvious that any intelligent person would see through it. In today’s time, memes have been created about every celebrity. It was a naughty memer at work, and I didn’t care,” he’d said. This year he spoke about rumors of his relationship with Nora Fatehi in an interview with Siddharth Kannan, saying, “We are very good friends.”

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