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When Tabu opened up about not using her father’s last name, never meeting him: ‘I’m not curious about him, didn’t feel like meeting him’

Actor tabu, who made her debut in the films in Bazaar 1982 in an uncredited appearance, and was later seen in a credited role in the 1985 release Hum Naujawan, has come a long way since then. Tabu has delved into various film industries and genres to establish herself as one of the most respected female actors of the current generation.

From critically acclaimed hits, box office success to national awards, Tabu has done it all. On screen, her cinematic voice as an artist is distinctive. But you’d be surprised to know that she was introverted as a child, admitting herself even after becoming a bona fide actress!

Speaking to Simi Garewal on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, Tabu opened up about her childhood and stated that she had a happy time growing up with her mother’s grandparents in Hyderabad: “I had a great childhood, we spent all our lives in Hyderabad I lived with my grandparents (mother’s parents), after my parents divorced, my mother was a teacher, so I ended up spending more time with her mother, and my grandmother prayed and read books, and that’s what I grew up with. I was very timid, I had no voice, in fact, even after I became a heroine, an actor, I had no voice,” said the versatile actor with a laugh.

In the same interview, Tabu talked about not being connected to her father. Her parents divorced when she was only three, and the father was married to someone and has two daughters from his second wife. Speaking about her last name and why she never used it (Hashmi), the actor said: “I never really used it, I never thought it was important for me to use my father’s last name, it was always Tabassum Fatima , which was my middle name . At school, Fatima was my last name. I have no memories of him. My sister met him once, but I never really wanted to meet him. I am not curious about him, I am happy as I am, how I grew up, I am very settled in my own life.”

Tabu also became candid about growing up in a household full of women who were used to running their own affairs. “We have always had very strong women in our family and that has made me very independent. I think it’s intimidating for men to be around women who grew up in female-led households and who have a strong feminine influence on them because it’s very unconventional (for them) that there are these women that men don’t really need to support them. That destroys their image of themselves as men and as caregivers, which is what most of them can’t come to terms with. Of course there are also men who are very educated and understanding,’ Tabu signed with a smile.

Tabu has never been married but there have been many reports of her relationship with actor Nagarjuna Akkineni over the years. The two have maintained that they have been very good friends thus far and have a special place in their hearts for each other.

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