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After Yotta, UP to get 7 additional centers under changed data policy

The Cabinet of Uttar Pradesh has approved changes to the 2021 data center policy to facilitate the opening of more data centers in the state.

At the recent inaugural ceremony of UP’s first and India’s second data center in Greater Noida, CM Yogi Adityanath stated that he sees the state as the hub of data centers in the future.

He also said that in terms of the IT sector, many investors from around the world are considering investing in the state.

Speaking about the Yotta Datacenter, Adityanath said: “We can see that the state government announced a data center policy last year calling for the construction of 250 megawatts of data centers in UP with an investment of Rs 20,000 crore over the next six months. year.”

“We are able to reach the target very quickly,” he added.

He also explained that when the state government introduced the policy, India’s total data center capacity was 400 megawatts. “But in the first year of this policy, it has reached Rs 20,000 crore in investment and as of now, we have received proposals for 600 megawatt data centers,” he added.

Now, the Yogi government has released a statement highlighting the decision to establish seven more centers in the state. The proposal to change the policy was approved by the cabinet on 3 November.

This will allow the UP government to open data centers in districts other than Noida and Greater Noida.

According to the press release, the government has clearly instructed departments to make necessary changes to their policies ahead of the Global Investors Summit to be held in mid-February 2023 so that they are not only better than other states, but also more investor-friendly.

Arvind Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary (IT and Electronics), said some significant changes have been made to data center policies in light of the goal of a trillion dollar economy.

According to the release, it was also mentioned that in terms of data center capacity, proposals have been made to increase it to 636 megawatts and in this case, the government has decided to increase the target data center capacity to 900 megawatts.

“In addition, a policy has been drawn up for small data centers, so that they can also be opened in other districts. Even if those data centers are not Noida-scale, they will be approved,” the release said.

The government has also made provisions for partial delivery and expansion of the electricity connections.

Regarding the electricity needs for these centers, Adityanath stated in his speech at the Yotta event that “to meet the energy needs, we have made changes to our policy” and it will also help the investors interested in this sector in UP .

In addition, he said that along with the Hiranandani Group, a branch of Yotta Infrastructure, several companies, including a Japanese company, have proposed investing in UP’s IT sector under this policy.

“We have begun to attach importance to these proposals for the state,” Adityanath said.

Further Approvals

The government has approved revisions to the Starter Policy. It was said that five new centers of excellence will be established in the state, three of which have already opened.

These centers of excellence will be established in new areas such as quantum computing, 3D printing, 5G, virtual reality and space technology.

The government will also contribute up to Rs 10 crore for this purpose.

As per the release, the sustainability fee has been increased from Rs 15,000 to 17,500 and a grant of Rs 5 lakh will also be available for prototype creation.

In addition, the cabinet has also adopted IT-related resolutions.

Three of these investment proposals have been approved in the IT Policy 2017. Microsoft is one of them, MQ is another and Paytm is the third.

As stated in the post, these three companies will be making investments in Noida.

Microsoft will deposit Rs 2,186 crore, MACQ will deposit Rs 483 crore and Paytm will deposit Rs 638 crore. Their construction work has already started.

The latest release also stated that Singapore-based STP will invest Rs 1,130 crore in establishing a data center in Noida while SKBR will invest Rs 2,692 crore.

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