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Ayurvedic practices for a healthy liver

From processing the food we eat to removing harmful toxins, our liver does most of the work to keep us healthy. This is why, Yoga and Ayurveda practitioner, life coach and founder of Yogi Fuel, Mel Singh, considers it important for us to take care of the organ. Although Mel Singh acknowledged the same, he suggested four yoga and Ayurvedic practices to keep the liver healthy. Mel explained where the liver is located, which is located under the rib cage on the right side, and said it is responsible for more than 500 tasks in our body. Some of these are as follows:

  • It is the primary organ that aids in detoxification
  • Essential for digestion and bile flow
  • Involved in protein synthesis
  • Supports hormone production and detoxification

The Ayurveda expert also claims that the liver not only supports transformation and Agni in the body, but is also the seat of emotions such as anger, hatred, irritability, judgment, resentment, envy and impatience.

She went on to say that our liver is overloaded by our modern lifestyle. As a result, it becomes difficult to properly remove the toxins from the blood. After this, they can accumulate and re-accumulate throughout the body. When this happens for a long time, the toxins reach the brain and negatively affect cognitive functioning and memory. In addition, it fogs the brain and leads to anxiety and depression.

Here’s what you can do to prevent it:

Asana + Movement:

Correct Movement: This movement is done without too much force. It supports the liver by gentle stimulation of the organ.

Herbs and foods: Bitter and astringent foods, as well as herbs such as beets, bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, etc., tend to cleanse the liver.

Lifestyle: Adopting a healthy lifestyle that is pitta pacifying, such as being gentle with yourself, noticing anger, and giving yourself space to release emotions can be helpful.

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