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LDF launches massive campaign against Kerala governor

The ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Kerala launched a massive grassroots-level campaign on Tuesday by distributing pamphlets in households across the state against Governor Arif Mohammed Khan as simmering tension between him and the front-led government appears over several issues. to have reached a boiling point.

Distributed by the left-wing leaders and activists in various districts, the pamphlets, issued under the name ‘Education Protection Society’, claimed that Khan acted as an instrument of Sangh Parivar and that he does not even have the basic knowledge of the Constitution.

It also stressed the need for a massive public movement against Khan to protect the southern state’s higher education sector.

According to LDF sources, the distribution of pamphlets is part of a series of protests being staged by the left against the governor in the coming days.

The left front also plans to convene a massive protest rally here on Nov. 15 with the participation of more than 1 lakh people for Raj Bhavan, they said.

CPI(M) Secretary of State MV Govindan said at the grassroots level, protest rallies and rallies would be held in colleges and university campuses across the state. capital in recent times, he noted.

“We can only counter the governor’s political stance with the support of the general public. So it was decided to distribute pamphlets across the state to bring the issues to the attention of the people of the state,” he told reporters in Thrissur.

In addition to the Raj Bhavan protest program, thousands of people would participate in protest rallies and rallies held on November 15 in all other districts.

“The governor is taking a position that is anti-constitutional and illegal. Our only demand is that his position must be in accordance with the Constitution and applicable laws,” the leader said.

The Marxist veteran noted that nothing could stop the LDF from going to great lengths to remove the governor from the post of chancellor.

It was “fascist” and such a dictatorial position was an attempt to humiliate the state and its people, he added.

Khan, who is at odds with the left-wing government over several issues, had claimed on Monday that there is a system of “oligarchy” in the CPI(M)-ruled state, as evidenced by incidents of party cadres serving in the government. were appointed. jobs.

Amid ongoing battles between the Raj Bhavan and the left-wing government over various issues, including vice-chancellor nominations, Khan claimed he was “threatened with dire consequences” by the activists of the left-wing organizations.

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