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New Data Shows Intermittent Fasting Affects Female Hormones | News

Oct 26, 2022, 9:38 PM ISTSource: ANI

While intermittent fasting has been proven to be a successful weight loss method, some have raised concerns that it could harm women’s reproductive hormones. Recently, a group of researchers published a study on obesity that adds new information to the debate. Eight weeks were spent monitoring a group of pre- and postmenopausal obese women using the “warrior diet” technique led by researchers. The warrior diet requires a four-hour period during which dieters are allowed to eat without counting calories. They measured the differences in hormone levels between groups of dieters who adhered to four- and six-hour feeding windows and a control group who followed no dietary restrictions, using data from blood samples. The drop in dehydroepiandrosterone levels was the main finding of the study. Compared to the control group, which lost almost no weight, women in the diet groups lost between 3% and 4% of their starting weight over the course of the study. In addition, the dieters noted a decrease in biomarkers for oxidative stress and insulin resistance.

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