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NordPass report 2022 uses the most traceable passwords in the world, check yours

We have all set our passwords that are easy to remember. Trust us, not just us, but millions of social media users around the world are following the idea. However, here is a twist. What’s easy for you to remember can also be a walk in the park for professional hackers to crack.

At some point in our lives we have all used passwords like ‘123456’, ‘ABCDEF’ and ‘iloveyou’. Right? These passwords are the easiest to crack, so security experts recommend coming up with stronger words. These strong words protect your confidential data or account information. Neglected alerts by security experts lead to hacking, theft of confidential data, and sometimes cyber fraud.

A report published by NordPass reveals the weak passwords used by executives and business owners. This significantly increases the chance of a large-scale data breach. NordPass, in collaboration with independent researchers specializing in cybersecurity, has created the most traceable and traceable passwords. Industries such as technology, construction and finance are at greater risk of data breaches. The research shows that 123456 and 123456789 are still popular among senior executives and regular Internet users.

Developed countries such as France and the United Kingdom were most affected by data breaches. NordPass investigation reveals that France had hacked more than 200 million passwords, while the number in the UK stands at 600 million. Many of us may think that animal-themed passwords are secure, but no, they are not. Passwords such as Dragon and Monkey are the most commonly used passwords. Let’s enable the set of passwords that are easy to detect by professional hackers.












These are some of the many passwords that are easy to crack. Weak passwords, reused passwords, password sharing, human errors, weak cybersecurity infrastructure and phishing lead to a high-end data breach.

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