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People with highly reactive emotions are attracted to cats for stress reduction programs | News

Oct 26, 2022, 7:54 PM ISTSource: ANI

New research found that many people, especially those with strong and highly reactive emotions, seek out and benefit from cats. Cats are often excluded from university animal-assisted programs aimed at reducing stress. Universities that implement animal-assisted interventions, such as “Pet Your Stress Away” events, have proven benefits, but more than 85 percent include only dogs, according to researchers. A new paper published in the journal Anthrozoos found a high level of interest in adding cats to the mix. The study found that several factors shaped a positive response to a cat-visiting program and revealed that the personality trait of emotionality played an important role. Emotionality, part of an established psychological model called the Big Five personality traits, indicates that a person has strong emotions and is very reactive to them.

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