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‘signs, sounds of rescue attempts gave hope, helped me to survive’ | Lucknow news

By: Himanshu Singh
HAPPINESS: “Every second was like an eternity. As I stared at death, I kept praying to Allah to save me and my maid,” Afreen Haider, 30, who was trapped for more than 12 hours under the rubble of Alaya Apartments on Wazir Hasan road that collapsed on Tuesday.
Even in adverse circumstances, she kept her cool and used her brains to save both her maid, Shahjah’s life. When the incident happened she, along with father-in-law Yusuf Haider, 75, and mother-in-law Nasreen, 60, were in rooms 402 and 403 on the fourth floor of the building. Although the parents were withdrawn, she and her maid remained trapped.
Afreen recounts her sequence of events: “Around 6:45 pm I was cooking with my maid when we heard a crackling sound coming from the roof. Before we could react, we were under the roof, in complete darkness.”
“Luckily I had a phone. I called my maid who said she was in front of me. We were both unable to move our limbs,” she told TOI.
“I heard loud cries. I chose to be strong and tried to call my husband but there was no network. This scared me but I told my maid to calm down and breathe slowly. Around 8:40 pm came the phone on the network. I immediately called my husband, Honey Haider, and told him about our situation,” she added.
“My wait seemed endless, even when my cell phone battery died at around 3:20am. Meanwhile, I kept telling my husband about my condition. I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the sound of people and drills. This sound gave me hope to remain conscious for another three hours. Finally, at 6:40 am, I was rescued along with my maid,” she added.
Among other survivors, Aloka Awasthi, 30, who was rescued on Tuesday evening, said: “Me and my mother Ranjana were in the room and suddenly the building collapsed and we got stuck in the rubble.”
Khalid (20) and Unati (25) were also trapped for more than 30 minutes. They were still in shock, but could not talk about the incident. Meanwhile, a delegation from IDWA met with the wounded at the Civil Hospital. adhu Garg, Vandana Rai and Maya were part of the delegation.

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