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Woman babysitting her daughter while driving a taxi in Bengaluru has inspired the internet

An inspiring story of a female taxi driver from Bangalore has made a huge impression on the internet. The woman, who is identified as Nandini, wanted to become an entrepreneur, but when COVID-19 hit India, her dream started to turn downward. Nandini started a food truck a few years ago with her savings, but lost everything during the pandemic. But the misfortune didn’t break her, to make up for her loss, Nandini started driving a taxi in Bangalore. Her story was highlighted by a customer who greeted her Uber ride to the commute.

The customer shared the real story of the incident, saying it was her boyfriend who booked an Uber for him. When he got into the car, he saw a child sleeping in the front seat. The customer couldn’t resist asking about the child. When answering the question the taxi driver revealed that yes she was her daughter who is on vacation and therefore works and babysit together.

The female taxi driver works 12 hours a day and tries to save money to rebuild everything she has lost. According to the customer, the female driver does not mind working more hours if necessary. When the ride ended, the customer asked Nandini if ​​he could click on a photo with her and share her story online. When the driver asked why, he replied: ‘Ma’am, you have a very inspiring story; while many people get discouraged after failure, you are a fighter and you keep fighting until you win. I want to share your story with others. That’s the least I could do.” Nandini humbly complied.

Nandini’s story, reported by Better India, has greatly inspired social media users. One user said the female driver is the epitome of ‘self-dependence’ and ‘trust’. “She is indeed an icon of confidence and self-reliance for our female people. God bless this brave hardworking daring lady. All respect to her and her family. I wish and pray for her success.”

Another said: “Salute to the brave and hardworking mother.”

Another added: “Made my day by knowing her fighting spirit. May God bless her with more strength and intelligence to achieve her goal.”

Did her story inspire you?

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