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‘Ab Baari Pahario Ki’ To ‘Article 370 Jibe’, Amit Shah Greets ST Reservation For Pahari Community In J&K Rally

Union Home Secretary Amit Shah announced the proposal for an ST reservation for the Pahari community on Tuesday at a public meeting in the town of Rajouri in J&K. Shah greeted the move, saying the tribal reservation would not have been possible without removing Sections 370 and 35A.

The Union Home Secretary made the announcement to enthusiastic members of the Pahari community who had reached the site from various parts of Rajouri and the neighboring Poonch district.

Top quotes from his address:

• “Would it have been possible to get parent reservation if Articles 370 and 35A had not been removed? With their removal now, minorities, Dalits, tribes and Paharis will get their rights.”

• “After the withdrawal of 370A, the reservation process has been approved. The Sharma Justice Commission has sent the report and recommended the reservation for the communities of Gujjar, Bakarwal and Pahari and it will be given soon.

• “I am here to request all of you to free Jammu and Kashmir from the rule of these three families. Before election, demarcation was needed, previous demarcation was done only for their families, but after new demarcation, the pahari seats have been increased.”

• “In the past three years, investments worth Rs 56,000 crore came to Jammu and Kashmir. From the age of 70, there was a demand for international flights from here and now Modi you has started international flight from Srinagar.”

• “Only 721 terror incidents since 2019, over 4,000 under Congress rule since 2006. Are you hearing stone shell news now? modes you had given laptops and books in the hand of the youth instead of stones. In the Pahadi area, more than 20,000 homes were supplied with power.”

• “Whenever India is threatened, our pahari brothers stood as a rock. I have been praying for happy and prosperous Kashmir from Mata Vaishno Devi. Ab bari pahariyon ki hain (Now is the time for Paharis).”

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