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Amit Shah Set For Second Visit To Bihar In 20 Days As BJP Eyes JP Narayan Legacy To Corner Lalu-Nitish

Union Home Minister Amit Shah will visit Bihar on October 11 to commemorate the birthday of freedom fighter, socialist and anti-emergency icon JP Narayan, who played a key role in overthrowing Indira Gandhi’s government in 1977. During his visit, Shah will travel to Sitab Diara, the birthplace of JPN as the leader was popularly known.

This would be Amit Shah’s second visit to Bihar in the past 20 days, with the BJP seeking to claim JP Narayan’s legacy by targeting Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar, the “products” of the JPN movement.

Party sources say Shah would return to Varanasi after the event and has decided to visit Bihar at least once a month to re-energize the organization ahead of the upcoming polls and city government elections. The two bypolls – Gopalganj and Mokama – will be major tests of popularity for the JDU-RJD alliance ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Gopalganj seat became vacant following the death of BJP MLA Subhash Singh, as Mokama heads to the polls. after Anant Singh of the RJD was convicted in a weapons case and disqualified from MLA.

Speaking to News18 about Amit Shah’s visit to the state, Bihar BJP chief Sanjay Jaiswal said those claiming to be “products” of the JP movement “begged the Gandhi family for support”.

“JP’s so-called students go to Sonia Gandhi and flash a victory sign after meeting her as if they have won the world…JP said his dream of Sampoorna Kranti will be realized when a poor man’s son will become the prime minister. It is PM Modi who made this dream possible and not raja ke bete who go to family parties get no response and yet they feel elated,” he said.

Jaiswal said this is not the first time BJP leaders have celebrated JP Narayan’s birthday. “In 2005, the late Ananth Kumar promised to come to JP’s hometown every year and he kept that promise until his death,” added the BJP leader.

Shah was recently in Seemanchal for a two-day tour where he addressed two major gatherings and core group meetings for the first time since the breakup of the BJP-JDU. Many in the party believe Shah’s second visit to Bihar in 20 days could make the ruling coalition of the state uneasy.

The BJP plans to fight only in Bihar in the next general election and is looking at a repeat of 2019’s results when it won 39 of the 40 seats.

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