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Any law should pass legal scrutiny, says Shah on places of worship law, refrains from discussing Ram Mandir issue with it

Commenting on the Places of Worship Act of 1991, Union Home Secretary Amit Shah said that every law must be legally scrutinized and no law is above it.

This comes days before the Dec. 12 deadline set by the Supreme Court for the Center to explain its position on the law, which states that the religious character of any place of worship as it existed on Aug. 15, 1947, must be maintained.

Shah refrained from commenting on the law enacted specifically for the Ram Mandir campaign and said he prefers not to discuss these issues publicly. He spoke on the Turn Now Summit in New Delhi.

“Following the Ayodhya ruling, a few more disputes have emerged and the 1991 law has also been challenged. These matters are still up for debate, so I shouldn’t discuss them publicly. But every law must be tested by the courts,” he said.

On whether the BJP-led government intends to amend the law, Shah said the apex court had sent a message to the center on which it will soon express its position.

Shah also spoke on a number of other pressing topics such as the Uniform Civil Code, CAA-NRC, the upcoming parliamentary elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Shah on other issues

On the upcoming municipal elections in gujarat, Shah said that based on the ground situation, the contest is between his party and the rival congress and BJP is heading for an unprecedented victory.

“We will break our own records for winning the highest number of seats and the highest number of votes. Pressed further to give a number, Shah said the BJP’s past record was 129 seats, so we will win more than that.”

Shah also stressed that only the BJP’s ideology can move India forward, and that the party is going to win not only Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, but also the MCD elections in Delhi.

on Uniform Civil CodeShah said it was his party’s pledge and laws generally should not be formulated on the basis of religion.

“Except BJP, no other party supports or speaks for the code. The BJP, which rules in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat, has set up a panel and the panel is holding consultations. Our governments will work according to the recommendations received. I want to ensure that the BJP is committed to the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code,” said the minister.

Shah also hit the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and said it is a law and “cannot be changed now”.

Shah also commented on the brutal Delhi murder case of Shraddha Walker, and said that the accused, Aaftab Poonawala should be punished quickly. In response to a question about law enforcement for “love jihad,” Shah said his party has anti-talk laws. “Propagation of religion is not prohibited, but undertaking violent conversions is not allowed under the Indian Constitution,” he said.

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