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BJP, Congress Launch Aggressive Social Media Campaigns

The BJP and Congress have launched an aggressive social media campaign to target each other ahead of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly election as the rival parties leave no stone unturned in an effort to maximize profits.

BJP leader Sanjay Tandon told PTI that the party started the campaign from Tuesday night with a slogan of ‘naya rivaj banayenge, phir bhajpa layenge’ (will make a new tradition, will bring BJP again). The slogan ostensibly refers to the trend of the state electing alternative party governments every assembly election.

The BJP has produced short 15-second video messages, some of which are aimed at the big old party on many issues. On the other hand, the Congress targeted the BJP for making big promises at the time of previous election polls and failing to keep them.

“They stole Himachal’s special status and we returned it with respect,” says one of the BJP’s messages in Hindi.

It refers to the BJP leaders who said during the election campaign that the then NDA government led by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had given the state special category status and an industrial package and that it was the then Congress-led UPA who deleted both. later.

The saffron party said it is strengthening unity in the country as Congress leads the “tukde tukde” gang.

“They question the surgical and Balakot air strikes. We are giving appropriate answers to our enemies,” another message addressed to Congress.

The BJP also targeted the opposition party for alleged scams during their rule. The ruling party claimed it has given fair and transparent governance in the state.

“Himachal ‘ki pukar, phir ek baar imaardar twin-engine bhajpa sarkar’ (Himachal calls again for fair, twin-engine BJP government)” says another short video message in Hindi.

BJP leaders insist that the people of Himachal Pradesh have decided to “break the trend” and re-elect a twin-engine government to ensure rapid development of the hill state.

Congress also took a dive into the BJP’s oft-repeated claim of a “twin-engine” government, calling it a “problem engine.”

The opposition party claimed that the road condition got very bad under the BJP rule.

“Roads have become sewers. Walking has become difficult,” reads another in Hindi.

“Congress means guarantee of ‘vikas aur vishwas’ (development and trust),” says another post.

The two sides are also aggressively using the social media platform to publicize the promises they have made in their respective manifestos.

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