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BJP well-prepared, will take comfortable win in MCD polls next month: ex-mayors

The BJP is “well prepared” for the upcoming citizens’ polls in Delhi and will secure a “comfortable victory”, the party’s former mayors said. Many senior BJP leaders who have served as mayors in the former three municipal corporations – NDMC, SDMC and EDMC – have expressed confidence that the party will win more than 150 divisions in the high-stakes polls taking place for the first time after the new one. delineation exercise.

The Delhi municipal elections will be held on December 4 and the votes will be counted on December 7.

The 2022 municipal elections are largely seen as a three-pronged contest between the BJP, the Aam Aadmi party and the congress, but the former mayors of the BJP-owned companies claim the party will “expell all opposition” again. the power.

The BJP has been in power in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) – split in three in 2012 and then united this year – for three consecutive terms. Veteran BJP leader and former mayor of South Delhi, Subhash Arya, who served as House leader and opposition leader during the unified MCD period, said: “The reduction of wards from 272 to 250 will only the BJP”.

“Our party will win 150-200 seats and secure a comfortable victory in the polls. The work the three companies did until their merger earlier this year will translate into votes. Both AAP and Congress will lose,” he said.

Arya, 78, when asked if the landfill problem will weigh heavily in the polls, said: “The AAP is making it a problem. Corruption and development will be the polls.”

The AAP plans to turn the landfill problems into a major poll, and Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal had even said that this time Delhi will take a side that will clean up Delhi rather than the one that will clean up “mountains of garbage”. has created in the national capital.

Delhi’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, turned up the heat on Wednesday, claiming that the BJP-led MCD has removed waste from the landfill in Ghazipur and dumped it in nearby areas to “create the impression” that the altitude has fallen. .

Interacting with reporters after a visit to the Ghazipur landfill in East Delhi, he also said that in the upcoming municipal polls people will vote for the AAP to clean up the “dirt of the BJP”, and if the Kejriwal-led party in the MCD, it will make the “mountains” of garbage disappear from the city in five years.

Former South Delhi mayor Mukesh Suryan exuded confidence, saying “The BJP will comfortably win this poll”.

“Our preparations are in full swing and we will certainly win 150 seats in the polls. The AAP is trying to raise landfill issues to divert people’s attention, but we are confident in our performance,” he claimed.

Former mayors of the former NDMC and EDMC echoed Arya and Suryan, saying that the BJP was heading for an “easy victory” thanks to its preparations and groundwork.

Former North Delhi Mayor Jai Prakash said: “The BJP-led MCD has been working on sanitation issues, from door-to-door waste collection to reducing the height of the three landfills, alongside the long-term plan for the overall remediation of the three (landfill) sites. People have seen that, so they will vote for it.”

Delhi has three landfills in Bhalaswa, Okhla and Ghazipur.

He claimed that the AAP-led Delhi government has not given any money to the MCD and has “withdrawn” from its responsibility for municipal waste management. Prakash also asked why the National Green Tribunal ordered the Delhi government to pay Rs 900 crore as environmental compensation. The NGT noted that “citizens cannot face an emergency due to lack of governance”, in October the NGT had ordered the Delhi government to pay Rs 900 crore as environmental compensation for improper management of municipal solid waste. Former mayor of East Delhi, Naveen Jain, claimed that “in the past five to six years, the height of the Ghazipur landfill has been lowered by 50-60 ft and efforts are underway to further reduce it”.

“But we believe that the main polling issue will be the AAP government’s excise policy and other governance-related issues,” he said.

These will be the first civilian elections after the new demarcation, and the much-anticipated poll will be held in the gap between the two phases of the Gujarat assembly elections, which will take place on December 1 and 5.

Shortly after announcing the date, both the BJP and the AAP radiated confidence that they would emerge victorious.

The Delhi Congress claimed it has been preparing the groundwork for the MCD elections for the past year.

AAP supremo Kejriwal has accused the BJP of creating mounds of garbage in the city during their nearly 15-year rule in the public authorities.

In the 2017 civil elections, the BJP had won 181 out of 270 wards. Due to the death of candidates, no election could be held in two seats. The AAP had won 48 wards and Congress 27.

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