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Cricketer Brother, His Sister Bat for different sides in Battle of Jadejas

Hours before cricketer Ravindra Jadeja toured the city’s market in an open SUV as part of a BJP roadshow, his sister Naynaba Jadeja sought congressional votes to remind voters of the price hikes under the ruling party and its “unfulfilled employment promises.

While the famous cricketer was campaigning for his wife Rivaba Jadeja, his elder sister went after Bipendrasinh Jadeja, highlighting the “sibling rivalry” which has added a new layer of interest in the poll after the BJP his incumbent MLA Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, better known locally as Hakubha. .

Naynaba, who was herself a contender for the Congress ticket from the Jamnagar North seat, has emerged as a key campaigner for her party after the BJP selected her famous brother’s wife as its candidate.

She is often the focus of media inquiries, while the congressional candidate, a seasoned organizer and businessman, plays a supporting role.

“I have my ideology and have been with a party I admire,” she says, challenging the BJP on the issue of price hikes, claiming that she only makes promises to people but never keeps them, be it work or Education.

Jamnagar North, a mostly urban constituency, can be seen as more favorable to the BJP than to the Congress, even though opposition party supporters believe their party can deliver a surprise.

Naynaba argues that since the constituency first voted in 2012 after being split after demarcation, it is essentially a congressional seat as it won for the first time, while the BJP seized it in 2017 after the incumbent MLA crossed over to the saffron camp.

Even the winning BJP candidate was a Congressman who won his appeal, and our party will score this time, she claims.

Congress leaders also hope to capitalize on any rifts within the BJP caused by the incumbent MLA’s ticket denial. The AAP drafted Karsan Karmur, who had left the BJP to join it last year.

The state will hold bipartisan parliamentary elections on December 1 and 5, while votes will be counted on December 8. It is witnessing a triangular battle with the BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the fray.

Hakubha, an influential person, has now been dropped in favor of Riviba Jadeja, but the BJP has managed to placate him by making him the party responsible for elections in three assembly seats, including Jamnagar North.

Rajputs, the community from which the two main candidates come, and Muslims are among the largest voting blocs here.

Campaigning for Rivaba, BJP staff express their confidence in her victory, claiming that the curiosity is more about margin.

They also reject the Congress “outsiders” accusation against her, arguing that she had worked in the region after joining the BJP in 2019, months after she and husband Ravindra Jadeja met Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She has a degree in mechanical engineering and was born and raised in Rajkot while her husband is from Jamnagar.

Before joining the BJP, she was in Karni Sena, a Rajput group that has been accused of vandalism and violence in the past in furthering its causes.

She joined Karni Sena and later BJP in the spirit of doing something good for the society and the country, has said many times in her public interactions and credits Modi as her inspiration to enter politics.

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