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Food to Terror: PM Modi’s Surgical Attack on Congress, AAP at Gujarat Rallies

Gujarat Game Plan

From terrorism to free grain, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on a range of topics as he launched a sharp attack on the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party – the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party – at its rallies in Gujarat on Sunday.

Modi, the BJP’s chief campaigner, addressed rallies in Netrang, a tribal area of ​​Gujarat’s Bharuch district, and Kheda.

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Speaking at his meeting in Netrang, a tribal area of ​​Gujarat’s Bharuch district, Modi said the whole world was amazed at how India has emerged from such a major pandemic of COVID-19 in such a short time. In Kheda, he attacked the Congress for their soft approach to terrorism.

A look at his top five quotes of the day:

  1. ABOUT TRIBALS: “The Congress has no respect for tribes in the country… We have decided to make our tribal daughter (Droupadi Murmu) the president of the country. We went to Congress with folded hands to accept her (support her candidacy), but they were against it. We used all our strength and made sure that the tribal daughter won the election,” Modi said. “Whether it was Birsa Munda or Govind Guru, the Congress showed no respect for the country’s tribal leaders,” he further claimed.
  2. ON COVID: “The whole world was facing such a terrifying pandemic. If someone in our home gets sick, it takes us four to five years to get rid of it (financial effect). We faced the pandemic in such a big country. But how we got out of it, the whole world is amazed. They cannot understand how it happened,” Modi said. ‘Factories were closed; people had to go back to their villages. In such circumstances our first concern was that there would be enough food for poor people; should not go to sleep without food. So we have provided free rations to 80 crore people in the last three years, Rs 3 lakh crore has been spent on the scheme,” he said. “Second, to fight the pandemic, vaccination was crucial. Even now, many countries are struggling to vaccinate their entire populations. We have given more than 200 crore doses of anti-coronavirus vaccine. After two doses, we also gave a booster dose for free,” Modi said.
  3. ON DIGITAL INDIA: The Prime Minister said that the Digital India campaign has revolutionized the country. “Had Congress been in power, your mobile bill could have been around Rs 4,000 to 5,000 a month, which is now the minimum. We made data affordable,” he said.
  4. BY HOUR: Speaking on the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), he said that in the past the specifications of houses built under government schemes were set by the people who were in Gandhinagar or Delhi. “But we have changed the rules. How can a person sitting in Delhi know the requirements of a tribal person who loves poultry farming? build,” said the prime minister.
  5. ABOUT TERRORISM: “We caught terrorists in Gujarat, but the then Congress government in Delhi saved terrorists from vote bank politics. During the meeting at Batla House, congressional leaders cried in support of terrorists. Even terrorism is a vote bank for Congress. It is not just Congress now, several such parties have emerged, believing in a policy of short circuiting and appeasement. Your single vote in 2014 has made a lot of difference in killing terrorism in the country. Let alone cities of the country, terrorists have to think a lot even before attacking our borders. But Congress is questioning our surgical strike,” he said in Kheda.

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