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If AAP comes to power in MCD, mountains of garbage will disappear from Delhi in 5 years: Dy CM Manish Sisodia

Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said on Wednesday that people will vote for the AAP in the upcoming municipal polls to clean up the “dirt of the BJP” and if the Arvind Kejriwal-led party comes to power in the MCD, the “mountains” of garbage will disappear from the city in five years.

Sisodia said this while interacting with reporters after visiting the Ghazipur landfill site in East Delhi.

To show that the height of the landfill in Ghazipur has fallen, the BJP-led Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has been taking garbage from it and dumping it in nearby areas, he claimed, adding that the saffron batch has no intention of to solve it. the problem.

There was no immediate response from the MCD or the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

People will vote for “jhadu” (the poll symbol of the Aam Aadmi party) in the Dec. 4 MCD elections to clean up the “dirt of the BJP for a clean Delhi,” Sisodia said.

Chief Minister Kejriwal himself is an engineer and is making meticulous plans, he said, adding that a plan has also been put in place to clean up these “mountains of rubbish” and the rubbish that has accumulated in other parts of Delhi.

If the AAP comes to power in the MCD, “all the mountains of garbage in Delhi will disappear in five years, we have a plan,” Sisodia said when asked about a timeline.

Speaking to reporters at the site, the deputy prime minister reiterated the AAP’s claim that “16 new landfills are planned,” a claim vehemently denied by the MCD.

Sisodia toured the area on the edge of the landfill in Ghazipur and spoke to some local residents, who shared their problems with him – the problem of clean drinking water and a pungent smell coming from the landfill.

“Don’t worry. Bring the AAP into the MCD as well and we’ll address all people’s problems,” he said.

Asked about the BJP’s accusation that the AAP shows no respect for sanitation workers with its policies on waste, Sisodia said the saffron party has ruled the MCD for nearly 15 years and the sanitation workers have suffered due to pending salaries and other problems . When the AAP comes to power in the civic body, it will give them salaries on time and also improve their lives, he claimed.

Sisodia was joined by the MCD polls of the AAP, which was in charge of Durgesh Pathak.

Pathak accused the BJP on Tuesday of trying to “increase the spread of the waste at the Ghazipur landfill” and claimed that “much of the rubbish heap fell on the homes of the people in the nearby areas”.

The MCD rejected the claim and issued a statement Tuesday, which read: “False information is circulating that part of the garbage dump in Ghazipur has collapsed. A small section of the wall of the waste-to-power plant in Ghazipur has collapsed and immediate action has been taken to restore it.” Landfill politics are heating up ahead of the December 4 citizen polls in the national capital.

The BJP has held power in the MCD – split into companies in the north, south and east in 2012 and then united this year – for three consecutive terms. The high-stakes citizen polls are largely seen as a three-way contest between the AAP, the BJP and Congress.

Delhi has turned into a “landfill” in the last 15 years of the BJP’s tenure in the MCD, AAP leader Atishi said on Tuesday as her party launched the “Kude Par Jansamvad” campaign ahead of the civil body polls.

At a public rally in Kalkaji, Atishi said the MCD’s polls are not about political parties, but about people’s concerns and whether their places are being kept clean.

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