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It’s ‘National vs. Local’ fight in Himachal; Will it work for the BJP? What opinion polls say

Another poll predicted a victory for the BJP in Himachal Pradesh, where the saffron party is in power.

According to the Republic TV-P-MARQ poll, the BJP will defy the trend and come back to power. In a meeting of 68 members, the BJP is expected to win 37-45 seats (45.2 percent of the vote).

If this poll is correct, Congress will have to settle for 22-28 seats (40.1%), a slight improvement from 2017’s performance. The AAP could get one seat (5.2%) while others one to four seats.

Now that Himachal is considered a swing state, all eyes are on who will take the coveted electric chair. The BJP is working hard to keep HP, which is known for its anti-incumbency, while newcomers like the AAP try to get through.

A battle against national versus local problems

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is raising national issues ahead of the election in Himachal Pradesh. The Congress party, on the other hand, has largely focused on local issues.

The 68-member state assembly has witnessed a bipolar contest between Congress and the BJP for the past three decades. This time, the stage is set for a battle between these ancient enemies, who use opposing strategies in this hill state.

The BJP’s campaign touted the benefits of ‘twin-engine’ governments (with the same party in power at both Center and State), and also raised national issues such as the repeal of Article 370, the construction of the Ram temple and the cross-border airstrike in India, a report by the Hindu states. The pledge to implement the Uniform Civil Code is also prominent in the manifesto of the BJP.

Congress, on the other hand, has made sure not to lose sight of the local state-level issues it uses to corner the BJP government, such as rising unemployment, rising prices, administrative governance, corruption allegations. Against the background of alleged irregularities in police recruitment, teacher recruitment and the purchase of PPE kits in the health department, the failure to restore the old pension scheme for government employees, the report states.

Which problems which party will lend a helping hand remains to be seen.

Also opposing campaign styles

Both sides also mock each other in their campaign styles, the report states. Congress has maintained that the BJP is campaigning aggressively as it expects defeat in the upcoming elections, claiming the ruling party’s massive election spending is an attempt to woo voters now after failing in the past five years. . The BJP, on the other hand, has pointed to the absence of Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi from election campaigns as evidence of their indifference to Himachal Pradesh.

What about other opinion polls?

According to the results of the ABP C-Voter poll released on Oct. 3, the BJP will get between 37 and 45 seats out of a total of 68 seats in Himachal Pradesh, while the Congress could get between 21 and 29 seats.

And according to India TV-Matrize polls, the BJP is expected to get 46% of the vote in the Himachal assembly elections while the Congress is expected to get 42%. According to the poll, the AAP gets just 2% of the vote in the state. Other parties and independents are expected to receive 10% of the votes cast. It stated that the BJP will be re-elected with 41 assembly seats. The BJP previously won 44 seats. Congress is expected to gain 25 seats, meaning it will add four more from 2017. According to the investigation, the AAP will not be able to open an account in the state.

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