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Karnataka BJP launches protest against Cong leader Jarkiholi’s ‘Hindu’ comment

The ruling BJP in Karnataka has decided to launch a major statewide agitation over the Hindu word origin.

According to insiders of the state BJP unit, direction has been given to launch agitations in all district headquarters.

Instructions have also been given to file a police complaint demanding action be taken against Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) Secretary Satish Jarkiholi for hurting the feelings of Hindus.

Meanwhile, Dalit organizations and forward thinkers have launched a campaign to support Satish Jarkiholi and campaigned on social media. When the ruling BJP intensifies the agitation, there is every possibility that the Dalit organizations will take to the streets, sources said.

Minister of Power, Kannada and Culture V. Sunil Kumar, a staunch RSS man, had stated that the Congress party had to pay a heavy price for the statement. “Young people have to take to the streets. They must show that when Hinduism is insulted and the foundation of the nation is questioned, they will not hesitate to protest,” he said.

BJP sources said the party has been given an issue related to Hindutva on a silver platter and they want to make maximum use of it ahead of the parliamentary elections to be held in less than six months.

The BJP has ordered all of its MLAs, MPs and leaders to protest on a large scale. They have also been told to raise issues such as adding ‘Gandhi’ as a family name by former AICC presidents Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, celebration of Tipu Jayanti by the congressional government led by Siddaramaiah and attempts by Karnataka congress chairman DK Shivakumar for installing the largest statue of Jesus Christ in Asia in his constituency.

After the speeches, the procession will head to the office of the Chief Inspector of Police of the respective districts and a criminal case against Satish Jarkiholi will be filed, sources said.

Meanwhile, Satish Jarkiholi, who is considered a great leader, challenged the chief minister of Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai, to set up a committee to investigate whether he has said anything wrong.

Jarkiholi further stated that he did not want congressional support to defend his statements. President Shivakumar of the State Congress has responded that Jarkiholi’s statements were made on a personal level. Jarkiholi himself clarified that he had made the statements on another platform and that there was no connection with the party.

The Jarkiholi family enjoys the support of backward classes and Dalits across the state. Three brothers, BJP MLAs Ramesh Jarkiholi and Balachandra Jarkiholi and congressional lawmaker Satish Jarkiholi have been accused of running a ‘republic’ in Belagavi district.

Winning elections is not a task for them and national parties, BJP and Congress, are largely dependent on them. Among the Jarkiholi brothers, Satish Jarkiholi holds a special place.

He strives to eradicate blind beliefs in society by setting himself as an example. Satish Jarkiholi had often slept in cemeteries on full moons to show that there are no demons or ghosts.

Satish Jarkiholi often attacks Hinduism on public platforms. While responding to the controversy, Satish Jarkiholi remained defiant, stating that talking about the truth has become a crime. “Giving justice to the oppressed classes is also a crime,” he said.

Satish Jarkiholi sparked controversy by arguing that the word ‘Hindu’ is not Indian. He further stated that the word is “Persian”.

Addressing a gathering on Sunday at a meeting in the city of Nippani by Manava Bandhutva Vedike, he asked the connection between India and Persia? “Hindu is not an Indian word at all. That’s Persian. How the word ‘Hindu’ became ours needs to be debated,” said Satish Jarkiholi.

“The word is Persian and belongs to Iran, Iraq and Kazakhstan. If things are like this, how can it become Indian? Look up in WhatsApp, Wikipedia, the word has arrived from Persia, it’s not yours (speech meeting),” he insisted.

“Why is the word glorified? Why is it glorified? This is not your word. If you know the meaning of this word, you will be ashamed. The word Hindu means dirty. I don’t tell this, a swamiji tells it and this is on a website. The word of another religion, region, is forcibly imposed on us, it must be debated,” demanded Satish Jarkiholi.

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