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Kejriwal; Promises old pension scheme for government employees by January 31

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has stated in writing on Sunday that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will form a government in Gujarat after the upcoming parliamentary elections.

He also urged the government employees in Gujarat to support the AAP and pledged to introduce the old pension scheme for them by January 31 next year.

Speaking at a press conference in Surat, AAP consultant Kejriwal said his predictions for parliamentary elections in Delhi and Punjab came true, and the same will happen in Gujarat.

He claimed that people are so afraid of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that they are shying away from openly admitting their support for the AAP in the Gujarat Assembly elections, which will take place in two phases on December 1 and 5 .

“I am going to write a prediction in front of all of you… Record the prediction that AAP is going to form a government in Gujarat. After 27 years of misrule, the citizens of Gujarat will get help from these people (BJP),’ Kejriwal said.

He then wrote his prediction on a piece of paper and showed it to media persons.

Among other things, the AAP’s national congressional organizer asked government employees seeking the old pension plan to help his party form a government in the state.

The Government of Gujarat had introduced a new contributory pension scheme (NPS) for employees entering employment on or after 1 April 2005. the employees in the NPS fund. In the Centre’s scheme, the government pays 14 percent from 1 April 2019 against an employee contribution of 10 percent of his/her salary and DA.

After employee protests, the state government had said that the new pension will not apply to the employees who joined before April 2005. She also pledged to increase her contribution to the fund from 10 percent previously to 14 percent.

The workers staged massive agitations against the Gujarat government demanding reinstatement of the OPS as they believe that the NPS is not in the interests of retired workers.

Kejriwal said, “we will make a notification for the implementation of the old pension scheme in Gujarat. I’m not talking alone. In Punjab, we have made the report.” Other contract workers, police officers, state transporters, village computer entrepreneurs, anganwadi workers, teachers, health workers, talatis, sanitation workers face various issues related to salary, steady job, wage increase and overbooking, he noted on.

“I assure them that we will solve their problems. I plead with all of them with folded hands that for a party to win elections, the support of government employees is important. I would appeal to them to give every voice to the AAP in the form of correspondence and party recruitment campaign for the next three to four days,” he said.

The BJP was agitated as it stared at defeat, and the Congress was nowhere in the picture, he claimed.

“It is the first time in 27 years that the BJP is so excited. You go out on the street and ask people who they would vote for. They would say either the AAP or the BJP. Those who say they would vote for BJP reveal after five minutes that they and their whole mohalla would vote for broom (AAP’s poll symbol),” said Kejriwal.

The AAP leader said that looking at people’s reaction, it seemed like everyone left the BJP to vote for the AAP.

“We have contested elections in many states, but Gujarat is the first state where people are afraid to declare who they would vote for. The common man is afraid. Second, Congress voters are nowhere to be found, and third, BJP supporters will vote for AAP in large numbers,” he continued.

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