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Member of Parliament Tejasvi Surya seen with ‘in hiding’ Rowdy-Sheeter; Bookie initiated into celebration

Embarrassed ahead of 2023 parliamentary election, Tejasvi Surya MP for South Bharatiya Janata Party and PC Mohan MP for Central Bengaluru were seen along with “absconding” violent reporter (person with criminal record) Silent Sunil alias Sunil Kumar at an event on Sunday, while fighter Ravi alias Mallikarjun, another rowdy leafer, joined the party on Monday in the presence of senior ministers. Minister dr. Ashwathnarayan, who was a part of Ravi’s event, defended him by saying “equal opportunity to live,” while union minister Pralhad Joshi downplayed the incidents.

Kumar was also the organizer of the event. The event comes just days after the Central Crime Branch raided his home. The program, attended by senior BJP leaders, was largely seen as the basis for Kumar’s entry into the saffron fold.


Kumar was added to the list of violent people at High Grounds and Amruthhalli police stations. He has been on the list for almost two decades. He never spoke during the interrogation, earning him the nickname ‘Silent Sunil’. He was also booked under the Karnataka Control of Organized Crimes Act (KCOCA) for attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion and land grabbing. He is a BJP card candidate from Chamrajpet constituency.

Ravi is a cricket bookmaker whose name appeared on the riot sheet at Vayallikaval Police Station in 2012-2013 for illegal betting despite several raids and being arrested several times. He was a regular at the rowdy parade and was last arrested in 2018. He is a BJP ticket candidate from Nagamangala constituency.


Congress quickly cornered the BJP, asking how the saffron party caught the criminals while the police struggled to find them.

“How did @BJP4Karnataka leaders get their hands on this rumor when CCB police couldn’t?” the Karnataka Congress tweeted.


Dr. Ashwathnarayan defended Ravi. “Everyone in society should have equal opportunities to live, the law applies to everyone. He has not been convicted in any way, the law does not allow a convicted person to participate in elections. We must enable them to live by the law,” said the Minister of Higher Education.

Pralhad Joshi, meanwhile, said, “I don’t know anything about him. He will not be brought to the feast just because Tejasvi or Ramesh says so. The party chairman and others will check his background and then decide,” the union minister said.

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