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‘Mosque-like’ bus stop in Mysuru gets overnight revamp after threat from BJP MP

A three-domed top bus stop in Mysuru in Karnataka was given an overnight facelift after a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP threatened that he will demolish the “mosque-like” building himself using a JCB as it is not removed in three-four days.

The bus stop on the Kerala Border-Kollegala section of National Highway-766, which BJP MP Pratap Simha said looked like a “mosque” with three golden domes, now has only a single dome, painted red. The outward change happened overnight.

On Saturday, Pratap Simha said he has asked engineers to demolish the “mosque-like” structure built by an MLA from his party, claiming that such “Gumbaz-like” structures were being built in most parts of Mysuru.

“I saw it on social media. The bus stop has three domes, a large one in the middle and two small ones next to it. That’s just a mosque,” one NDTV report quoted Simha as saying.

“I told the engineers to demolish the structure in three to four days. If they don’t, I’ll take a JCB and wreck it,” he added.

Local BJP MLA Ram Das, who built the building, explained the design of the bus stop saying that the bus shelter is “inspired by Mysore palace”.

However, Das later apologized in a letter addressed to locals, saying that he “designed the bus stop with Mysore’s heritage in mind”. “Disputes arose… That’s why I’m having two domes removed. I’m sorry if anyone’s feelings were hurt,” a NDTV report quoted lines from the letter.

BJP MP Simha also tweeted again on Sunday after the structure of the bus stop was revamped, thanking Das and the district collector for correcting the design.

“If there is a large dome in the middle and two smaller domes next to each other, it is a mosque. Thanks to the District Collector who asked for time and kept his word and to Ramdas ji who understood the reality and bowed to the referendum,” Simha said in the tweet.

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