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Multiple CM faces our strength, not our weakness: Cong President Kharge

The presence of various ministerial faces in Himachal Pradesh is not the congress’s weakness but its strength, party chairman Mallikarjun Kharge said on Thursday as the hill state parliamentary election campaign drew to a close.

The ruling BJP, on the other hand, is going into elections, counting only on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face, as he is “aware of the failures of the Prime Minister (Jairam Thakur) and the state government”, Kharge, who is overseeing his first election. after taking charge as president of Congress last month, said.

“The Prime Minister says you should not look at the candidate, but vote for me. This attitude belittles the people of Himachal Pradesh. They know the prime minister will not be there in the state after the vote is over,” the Congress veteran told PTI in an interview, referring to Modi’s campaign speeches.

Convinced that Congress will remove the BJP from power because the people were determined to bring about change, Kharge said his party will enter elections on Nov. 12 under a collective leadership.

The state has not re-elected a government since the 1980s.

“The BJP has nothing to show in the form of governance, that’s why it constantly attacks the Congress for non-issues. We have several capable leaders who can be prime ministers. We see it as our strength and not a weakness,” the head of Congress said.

Pratibha Singh, Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee president, wife of six-time Prime Minister Virbhadra Singh, Congress legislator party leader Mukesh Agnihotri and former PCC President Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu are among the top candidates to rule the state if the party takes power is voted on. Six-term MLA Asha Kumari and longtime party Kaul Singh Thakur are also in the running.

Congress, he said, had “complete faith in the people of the hill state”.

“For a political party, every election is important. We fight to win… The people of Himachal are very intelligent. They have made a decision. They want change.” Congress president attacked the ruling BJP for “undermining mandates through coercion and other means,” Congress president said the BJP had designed defectors to form governments state after state after people rejected them .

“We urge the people of Himachal Pradesh to give us an overwhelming majority so that their mandate remains intact,” the head of congress told PTI.

Kharge called jobs, high inflation and the old pension scheme (OPS) the biggest problems facing the state, saying Congress had in the past lived up to its promises and showed how best to run the country.

Congress’ ambitious promises, including Rs 1,500 per month to all adult women and recovery from OPS, are testament to Congress’ history of governance and economic management, he said.

“Unlike the BJP, we know how to govern. We have done our homework,” Kharge replied when asked to comment on mobilizing resources for his pledges.

In his message to voters of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, the head of Congress urged them to vote on the party’s track record in building India.

“Our good governance agenda, coupled with growth and well-being and our extensive experience in governance is what we stand for. We believe in fresh ideas. We have implemented so many new people friendly programs in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and these states are benefiting from it.

“The congress has adapted to changes and we have taken up the challenges of the board immediately. We will therefore promise Himachal voters that we mean what we say. We don’t make unrealistic ‘jumla’ promises,” he said.

The head of the congress said the congress is simply asking voters to evaluate and decide whether they are satisfied with the performance of the BJP government in Himachal Pradesh.

“Debilitating price hikes, unprecedented unemployment and all the ubiquitous corruption became a curse for the people,” Kharge said. He went on to say there is ubiquitous corruption – in the recruitment of the police, there has been corruption in the appointment of university professors and even in the production of PPE suits.

People, he said, want the OPS back because Himachal Pradesh is a state with many government employees.

Kharge also noted that there are 63,000 vacancies in government jobs. More eight lakh youths, he added, are unemployed under BJP. And that is why Congress has announced that it will provide jobs of a lakh state government.

“We will bring the OPS back as soon as we come to power,” he repeated.

While the elections in Himachal Pradesh will take place on November 12, Gujarat will go to the polls in two phases on December 1 and 5. The votes will be counted on December 8.

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