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No role in Satyendar Jain’s Leaked Tihar Videos, Documents: ED to Court

The Enforcement Directorate told a Delhi court on Tuesday that the agency had no role in the leak of alleged CCTV footage showing imprisoned AAP minister Satyendar Jain receiving special treatment in the jail cell.

The ED filed the complaint before Special Judge Vikas Dhull, while opposing Jain’s plea of ​​contempt against the agency for allegedly leaking the videos to the media.

During the hearing, Jain’s counsel argued in court that the copy of the ED’s response to the request had already been leaked to the media this morning, even before the court hearing could take place and the copies could be made available to the court. given. judge as the defense.

“Give me a fair trial. Even Ajmal Kasab got that. I’m certainly no worse than that. Every minute I suffer because of their (ED’s) actions,” the counsel told the court.

The agency told the court that there was “not a single leak from the ED” while requesting a stay of the case, citing the unavailability of Additional Solicitor General (ASG) SV Raju.

“We will ensure that the guilty are brought to justice. The pendrives containing the copies of the alleged video were only with the defense, prison inspector and court staff. There is not a single leak from the ED,” the agency told the court.

At the hearing, Jain’s counsel opposed the ED’s demand for an adjournment, saying he was “slandered every minute by their act”. “All points of their response are in the media. My contempt is pending and they have the audacity to give it to the media,” senior lawyer Rahul Mehra told the court on behalf of Jain.

Mehra further resisted the agency’s request for adjournment, accusing it of delaying the case.

He further denied the politician’s role in leaking the documents and videos, saying he had no advantage.

“I will not do it because there is absolutely no profit to be had. Do it selectively, publish it on news channels…. Before we enter the court, (it) plays all over the media. Is Jain a wizard that he can get things that are in ED’s custody and share them with the media? They can completely deny everything just because they are ED,” the counsel said.

Claiming the ED caused a “media lawsuit”, counsel told the court that “the only biased person” was Jain.

He further urged the court to “warn” prison officials not to leak any footage.

“Warn them that media outlets will not get any footage… If Tihar does it, ask for a judicial inquiry. Have a judge appointed to prove who leaked it to the media. If Jain is the source of the leak, he must not be spared,” he said.

He further said that there was no violation of any rule if an undertrial pressed Jain’s hand or feet.

“But hysteria is being created through media outlets that this minister has a luxurious process,” he told the court.

The ED attorney told the court that assuming a leak on behalf of the agency was “completely ridiculous.”

“Many Tihar officers have been suspended. The LG has launched an investigation…. There are many transfers, including some top officials. To assume on our behalf that there is a leak is completely ridiculous. There has been no leak and there will be no leak. What they (defense) claim is already in the public domain. What is the libel claim? The truth is an exception,” ED counsel told the court.

The judge adjourned the case to November 28 for further hearing.

The court had previously asked the agency’s response to Jain’s plea accusing the ED of leaking the footage from Tihar jail “despite an undertaking in court”.

The AAP on Saturday drew flak when videos purportedly showed Jain receiving massage and meeting visitors in his prison cell, with the opposition BJP and Congress demanding his resignation and an agency investigation into prison rule violations.

The court had denied bail to Jain and two others in the case on November 17.

The federal agency had arrested Jain in a money laundering case based on a CBI FIR filed against him in 2017 under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Jain is accused of laundering money through four companies allegedly associated with him.

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