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Old pension scheme no HP election Jumla, already implemented in Ch’garh and Rajasthan: Priyanka Gandhi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Thursday that her party’s promising return of the old pension scheme was not an election jumla, as she accused the BJP of questioning the financial viability of the move while foregoing loans from major industrialists.

At a meeting here on the last day of the election polling campaign, she also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders for their comments that Congress cannot provide a stable government and claimed that her party provided the most stable governments since independence. .

“Who caused instability? Who dropped the governments by buying MLAs?” she asked.

Priyanka Gandhi also took the BJP on the issue of unemployment, asking why 63,000 vacant government posts had not been filled during his five-year tenure.

When the first cabinet meeting of a congressional government takes place in Himachal Pradesh, a million jobs will be created for the youth and the old pension system will be back.

“Himachal Pradesh was created by government employees, you must be respected,” the congress general secretary said.

The old pension scheme is not an “election jumla” and has already been implemented in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, she said.

“The BJP leaders say it is not financially viable. You can cancel loans from big industrial friends, but you have no money for the government employees. Where does the money come from for canceling those loans, it comes from the people,” she said, lashing out at the ruling party.

Priyanka Gandhi claimed that there are 30 lakh youths in the state and 15 lakh of them are unemployed but despite that, thousands of vacancies remain vacant.

“Their (BJP) intentions are not good. Don’t be fooled by them. Listen carefully to their election campaign, they don’t talk about lowering prices, providing jobs,” she said, praising the work of previous congress prime ministers such as Yashwant Parmar and Virbhadra Singh.

“Congress wants to work for the people. In five years it will strive to give five lakh jobs,” she said.

“If the BJP’s intent was to create jobs, PSUs would not have been sold, small businesses would not have been forced to close, or government positions would have remained vacant,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

She urged people to vote based on their own experience, say “Jai Ram ji ki” to Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur and not be misled. ‘Jai Ram ji ki is a farewell greeting commonly used in Northern India.

Gandhi responded to the Prime Minister’s comments at a rally in Himachal Pradesh while advocating a different term for the BJP that changing medicines often does not help cure the ailment nor benefit anyone, Gandhi said: “already this talk is nonsense.”

Towards the end of her speech, Priyanka Gandhi shouted the slogan “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and asked the people to protect the country and their state.

“Members of my family gave their lives for this country. Thousands from Himachal have given life to this land on its borders,” she said.

Earlier, in a Facebook post in Hindi, Priyanka Gandhi had claimed that the BJP has “seized” the economic security of the elderly by abolishing the old pension scheme. She reiterated that her party will bring it back to Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat if it forms governments there.

Priyanka Gandhi said the Congress believes that the workers who have contributed to building a country should receive a pension so that they are not dependent on someone of old age.

This is the right of every employee and with this in mind, the congressional governments of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan have implemented the old pension scheme, the congress general secretary said.

“old pension scheme, the BJP seized the financial security of the elderly in the country. The people who serve the country all their lives, where do they go in old age? How would they make ends meet?” she asked in her post.

“If a person gets a job in the government, he thinks that when he retires he will not face financial insecurity and that he will be supported by his pension. But the BJP only knows how to intervene. Our soldiers protecting the country at the borders while risking their lives, their economic security is also being ripped away one by one,” she claimed.

Congress is determined that the old pension scheme will be implemented in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat once it comes to power in the two states, she said.

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