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PM Modi says Mahatma’s ideas have answers to contemporary challenges

Speaking highly of the relevance of “Gandhian values,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on Friday that ideas propagated by Mahatma Gandhi provide answers to contemporary challenges such as climate change. Prime Minister Modi claimed his government was inspired by Gandhi to work on ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.
He addressed the 36th convocation of the Gandhigram Rural Institute in Dindigul in Tamil Nadu, during which he made the remarks. The governor of Tamil Nadu, RN Ravi and Prime Minister MK Stalin, among others, took part in the convocation.

‘Great opportunity to make a big impact’

The prime minister reiterated his stance on the importance of Gandhian ideas, saying “Gandhi values ​​are becoming very relevant”.

“Whether it’s ending conflict or the climate crisis, Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas have the answers to many of today’s challenges. As students of the Gandhian way of life, you have a great opportunity to make a big impact,” a PTI report quoted him as saying.

Khadi as an instrument of self-government

Prime Minister Modi said Mahatma Gandhi saw khadi as an “instrument of self-government” in villages and inspired by him, the center worked towards the ‘Atmarnibharta’ of the country, the Prime Minister emphasized. “Khadi had been neglected for a long time. But the call “from khadi for ration to khadi for fashion has made it very popular,” and has shown a 300 percent increase in sales over the past eight years, he said. “Even global fashion brands chose khadi because it is an environmentally friendly material,” he added. He repeated the slogan in Tamil and said: ‘Gramathin aanma, nagarathin vasathi’.

(with PTI inputs)

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