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PM Modi stops convoy to make way for ambulance at Chambi Village in Himachal Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stopped his high-security convoy on Wednesday to allow an ambulance to pass through Chambi village in Himachal Pradesh. The prime minister was in Kangra district to address an election rally.

A video shared by BJP shows people gathered along the roads waving enthusiastically to the prime minister during the roadshow. Meanwhile, the ambulance arrived and the barricades were opened by the deployed traffic police team to release it. PM Modi can be seen donning a Himachali cap and scarf and sitting in the car.

The BJP called PM Modi “Pradhan Sewak” and said, “He stopped his convoy to make way for an ambulance in Himachal. Always give priority to the ambulance to save precious lives!”

Notably, this isn’t the first time Prime Minister Modi has stopped his convoy to make way for an ambulance.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi pitched the Himachal Pradesh poll battle between the “enemy of development” congress and the “pro-development” BJP, stressing that people will get “double benefits” if his party is re-elected as he will more can work for them.

During his last of four polls in the hill state of Sujanpur in Hamirpur district, he accused Congress of “betraying” the people of Himachal and hindering its development when it led the government here until 2017 after he took office as Prime Minister in 2014 .

If Congress comes to power in the state, it won’t let its government work, Modi claimed.

“A BJP government needs to be formed in Himachal so that it can take advantage of Delhi (the central government). It will bring double benefits,” he told people at a rally in Sujanpur in Hamirpur district.

Modi spoke of his familiarity with Himachal Pradesh, a culmination of all his speeches at rallies after the election poll announcement, saying that as someone who is aware of problems and people here, he will be able to work for the state while in Delhi. He listed several measures for its progress after the BJP government under Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur was elected in 2017.

The BJP is identified by those with good governance and policies in favor of the poor and that is why it is repeatedly elected to power, he said, referring to the party’s victory in several states where it was in power.

The vote will take place in the state on November 12.

(with input of PTI)

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