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Rajasthan Congress Leader Threatens Ashok Gehlot Amid Power Struggle

During an attack on Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot amid power struggles in the state, State Minister and Congress Leader Rajendra Gudha said on Thursday that Sachin Pilot should become the CM. He also warned Gehlot by saying that not even 10 MLAs will win the 2023 state election if Pilot doesn’t get the leadership role.

“If Sachin Pilot does not become the CM, Congress will only win MLAs that can be accommodated in an SUV. Sachin Pilot should have been made CM a long time ago. Even now, if Pilot becomes the CM, the government can repeat it. If he if not, Congress MLAs would be housed in an SUV. If they are in it, all MLAs will visit Char Dham (Pilgrimage) first,” Gudha, an MLA from Udaipurwati and Pilot loyalist, told the IANS news agency .

Another congressional MLA, Divya Maderna, backed Gudha’s statement, targeting the bureaucracy, tweeting: “From the bureaucracy’s working style, it appears that Congress has passed an uninterrupted resolution to place the government in Fortuner (SUV) .” She also tagged the office of the chief minister of Rajasthan.

Even after several statements were made against him, Gehlot has always maintained that “all is well in his reign”.

On Friday, Gehlot said it was reasonable to have ambition in politics, but it was the approach that made the difference. His comment came after his former deputy pilot raised eyebrows at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “praise” for Gehlot and also urged Congress to end the “state of indecision” over the prime minister’s post.

When asked about the internal challenges in the party, Gehlot recently told reporters without naming anyone: “Everyone has a little bit of ambition in politics and it’s fair that someone has ambition. It’s the approach that makes the difference.”

Refuting all suggestions of internal conflict in the ruling party, Gehlot said he did not want to discuss the matter further and said it was important to win the next Rajasthan Assembly elections in the interest of the state and the country.

(with input of PTI)

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