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Sukesh Chandrashekhar writes new letter

Incarcerated con man Sukesh Chandrashekhar wrote a new letter on Friday challenging Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and AAP leader Satyendar Jain to undergo a lie detector test in an alleged money laundering case. In a letter to his lawyers, Chandrashekhar gave his consent for the lie detector test and also demanded that a face-to-face confrontation between them be broadcast live.

He issued a “press release” from the prison saying: “I welcome the suggestion of a lie detector test regarding all my complaints and facts given by me about AAP, Satyendra Jain and Arvind Kejriwal … I am very happy to announce my consent for the polygraph test, but on the condition that Satyendra Jain and Arvind Kejriwal also give their consent and the lie detector test is conducted as a face-to-face confrontation in the presence of all three together and the whole process is broadcast live as suggested. So that the whole country can see the pandora box of the reality of Kejriwal and Jain unfold openly.”

Chandrashekhar, who is a suspect in a Rs 200 crore scam, also responded to the AAP’s allegations that the BJP used him as a “star campaigner” for fear of defeat in the Gujarat and MCD polls in Delhi. On this he said: “Kejriwal ji instead of crying dirty and saying that BJP or someone let me write all this, have the courage and audacity to agree to the lie detector test. Don’t distract this issue like you and Jain always told me and laughed in good times that attack is the best form of defence.’

He also claimed that Kejriwal had asked him for a Jacob & Co watch, saying, “I want to remind you that I’m sure you still have the Jacob & Co watch I gave you and what you told me for. asked to change the band from blue to black because an astrologer told you that a black dial will be beneficial for you.

Chandrashekhar also claimed that he rented a chartered plane to buy the watch and even went on to say that a PR firm from abroad was hired by him to make a documentary about the national AAP convener Kejriwal. He further claimed that the PR agency was ONE that had printed/published paid articles about Delhi schools.

There was no immediate response from the Delhi government or AAP to the latest letter. However, the AAP had previously denied all claims, calling it a “distraction tactic.”

On Thursday, Chandrashekhar wrote a letter to the Delhi LG, claiming he received threats to withdraw his complaint against Kejriwal, Jain and another AAP leader Kailash Gehlot, requesting his transfer to a prison outside the city. “I have very important evidence against them, and they are well aware of it and will cause harm to me and my wife Leena Paulose, who is also in Mandoli Prison in the same case,” Chandrashekhar had claimed. . in the latter.

He claimed that the prison warden and other officials are putting “enormous amount of pressure” on him and “intimidating” him. “Aside from this, Jain is sending me offers for a compromise and if I don’t accept them, my wife and I will be tortured to death,” he had claimed.

Chandrashekhar had previously written to the LG requesting a CBI investigation against Kejriwal and others for alleged threat and corruption.

(with input of PTI)

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