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Wondering why Kejriwal isn’t wearing his muffler? This is what Delhi CM said

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal campaigning without a silencer has left Delhiites perplexed. During one such campaign on Wednesday morning, a woman in the crowd asked, “Sir, why aren’t you wearing a Muffler?” Kejriwal replied very frankly saying “it’s not that cold yet”.

The Prime Minister of Delhi campaigns in the city ahead of the December 4 civil elections. Kejriwal’s silencer is one of many iconic things about the leader that is popular with people.

AAP wins 230 seats: Kejriwal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal claimed that the AAP will win 230 out of 250 seats in the MCD polls. He also said that if the AAP comes to power, it will launch the ‘Janata Chalaygi MCD’ campaign, giving the RWAs the status of a ‘mini parshad’ (mini councillor).

“People can approach this RWA to get its work done. RWAs get money to run their offices. RWAs will be authorized. The real purpose behind this is to let the people of Delhi, the rulers of Delhi, make their own decisions. I appeal to all RWAs to support AAP. We will strengthen RWA politically and financially,” he said.

“We are going to draw up a transparent framework. We will also rely on online platforms so that MLAs, councilors and RWA all know where the problem is and accountability,” he added.

AAP’s ’10 Guarantees’ for Ease of Doing Business in Delhi

Ahead of the MCD elections in Delhi, AAP’s trade wing announced ’10 guarantees’ on Tuesday, including shop unsealing, resolving conversion and parking charges, for the ease of doing business in the city.

Brijesh Goyal, AAP’s trading wing consultant, and President Subhash Khandelwal released the guarantee cards after organizing a march in Kashmere Gate Market here.

More than five lakh pamphlets announcing the guarantees will be distributed in 50 major markets in the national capital. The guarantees offered by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also include regulating cleanliness in markets, a ban on raising all taxes such as house tax, trade/factory licenses and regulating toilets for women in the markets.

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