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Hope Virat Kohli doesn’t repeat Pakistan show against us: Scott Edwards | Cricket News

SYDNEY: The Netherlands captain Scott Edwards hopes Virat Kohli doesn’t repeat his “surreal show against Pakistan” when India takes on the minnows in a T20 World Cup match here on Thursday.
Edwards, a Melbourne native who emigrated to the Netherlands, has no undue expectations on his part but wants his teammates to play the best cricket possible.
“What Virati (Kohli) did the other day was surreal. I hope he doesn’t repeat it to us,” Edwards said Wednesday during the pre-match media conference.
“Not many people expect us to win, so don’t put too much pressure on us,” said the Dutch skipper, very matter-of-fact about playing a team filled with some of the biggest cricket superstars in the world.
For him, the most important thing they can do.
“Our cricket brand means we can perform to the best of our ability. Just bring our A-game. If it’s enough, it’s enough. If it’s not, it’s not,” added Edwards.
For a team like the Netherlands, getting a chance to play against India is a dream come true, as even a bilateral white ball competition is not a commercially viable option for the BCCI.
“Huge. You always dream of playing the World Cup and against perhaps one of the best teams in the world is surreal,” said Edwards.
It’s a problem not to play against big teams on a regular basis, but what’s even more disappointing is that ICC has discontinued the ODI Super League, leaving them with quite a few matches.
“Obviously disappointing that ODI Super League is cancelled. We had cricket on Dutch TV, which was good exposure for us,” said Edwards.

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