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Nick Kyrgios seeking assault charges dismissed on mental health grounds: Reports | Off the field News

MELBOURNE: Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios is looking for his raid charges were dismissed on mental health grounds, media reported Tuesday.
Kyrgios is charged with habitual assault in connection with a January 2021 incident that his lawyer said involved a “household relationship”.
Kyrgios’ lawyer, Michael Kukulies-Smith, applied for a postponement to the ACT Magistrates Court on Tuesday to allow time to prepare forensic reports on his client’s mental health, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
The court has granted the postponement, according to the ABC. The case is expected to go to trial in February. Police have charged Kyrgios after allegations made in December 2021.
Kyrgios is competing in the Japan Open in Tokyo and did not appear in court.
Australian media reported in July that the charge was related to a complaint from an ex-girlfriend.
Kyrgios wrote on social media in February about battling depression and substance abuse around the time of the 2019 Australian Open, but said he had changed his life since then.
The 27-year-old was originally scheduled to appear in court in July, but the case was adjourned to August and then postponed for another six weeks.

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