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Awesome! Largest Ocean on Earth Found! It’s HUGE, but you can’t see it

A study suggests that there is a gigantic ocean on Earth that is 3 times larger than all the oceans we know. Check out this largest ocean on Earth.

The largest ocean on Earth has just been found! An international team of researchers has found a giant ocean near the Earth’s core that is 3 times larger than all the world’s oceans. The water reservoir has been discovered in the boundary between the upper and lower mantles. As reported by ANI, the research team also discovered the formation of a rare diamond about 660 meters below the Earth’s surface, where ringwoodite is the dominant mineral. The study was conducted using technological marvels such as Raman spectroscopy and FTIR spectrometry. The team of scientists from the Institute of Geosciences at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, said this new study will provide empirical evidence for an astonishing, long-held hypothesis: water from the oceans travels by bringing plates into the transition zone. And since the inside of the Earth is also part of the water cycle, the water cycle is believed to extend all over the world.

There are also several ringwoodite inclusions in the stone that indicate a high water content. The researchers also determined the chemical composition of the stone. And it was nearly identical to that of every piece of mantle rock discovered in basalt around the planet.

Earlier in August, researchers at Curtin University had found evidence of an ancient piece of crust under southwestern Western Australia. The piece was reportedly nearly four billion years old. According to Scitechdaily, scientists used lasers smaller than a human hair to remove microscopic grains of a mineral from beach sand.

Research Supervisor Dr. Milo Barham said, “The edge of the ancient crust appears to define an important crustal boundary that controls where economically important minerals are found.” He also shared that these remnants of ancient crust will play a critical role in studying the future of optimized sustainable resource exploration.

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