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Beware of PoS malware! It can secretly steal your credit card information

Two point-of-sale (PoS) malware was recently operationalized by hackers who stole more than 167,000 credit card details. You too could be threatened.

New malware has reportedly been operationalized by hackers and is stealing victims’ credit card details. Also known as PoS (two outlets) malware, it has already stolen information on more than 167,000 credit cards from multiple payment platforms. As reported by thehackernews.com, Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Group-IB shared that the stolen data dumps could net the hackers up to $3.34 million when sold on underground forums.

The malware reportedly aims to collect payment information based on JavaScript sniffers (also known as web skimmers) to steal card text data such as bank card numbers, expiration dates, owner names, addresses, and CVVs from eCommerce websites. Last month, Kaspersky shared about new tactics adopted by a Brazilian threat actor called Prilex, which is stealing money through fraudulent transactions. It said, “Almost all PoS malware strains have similar card extraction functionality, but different methods for maintaining persistence on infected devices, data exfiltration, and processing.” Most malware operations were performed on the credit cards issued by the banks in the US, Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama, UK, Canada, France, Poland, Norway and Costa Rica.

How does PoS malware work?

As explained by Group-IB, Point-of-sale (POS) malware is a type of malicious software designed to attack PoS terminals with the aim of stealing payment information stored on magnetic stripes (magstripes) on the back. of bank cards. The website noted that the PoS malware has become less popular due to the protection mechanisms built into modern credit card processing systems in most countries, but it is still active. It is still a serious threat to individuals and businesses in the above regions, as well as the places where magnetic stripe credit cards are used for payment. According to the report, the US is a desirable target for threat actors who steal magstripe dumps.

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