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Big HEARTBREAK for techies! Infosys, Tech Mahindra just did THIS

It’s nothing short of heartbreak after the excitement. Infosys and Tech Mahindra have withdrawn the offer letters given to freshmen, according to reports.

For budding techies, it was nothing short of a shock! In what was a huge heartbreak, major tech companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra and others have withdrawn offer letters reportedly given to freshmen. It appears that the companies had previously delayed the entry of the freshmen by nearly three to four months. The information has caused a heartbreak among techies just out of college who were looking forward to joining a top company and had been waiting months to get their joining dates. Many of the freshmen have claimed that no clarification was given on the grounds of rejection.

First reported by BusinessLine, the news cited the emails sent by the companies to the students whose offer letters had been withdrawn. According to the freshmen’s claims, they had to undergo multiple rounds of interview and a strenuous selection process.

An engineer graduate from Bhopal revealed her letter of rejection from Infosys to BusinessLine, stating, “It has been determined that you do not meet our academic eligibility criteria. Therefore, your offer is void.” However, according to the recipient, she met all of the company’s educational requirements. She said, “My grades are above the required percentage. Despite all this, I got a rejection email.”

Tech giants withdraw offer letters sent to freshmen

A rejection email from Tech Mahindra stating the rejection ground as “non-approval of a certification test”. The recipient told BusinessLine: “The company had mandated the completion of 12 courses as part of the entry process. Despite completing them and getting certification, I was rejected.”

Similar rejection emails have also been reported to candidates by Wipro. However, in a statement, the company said: “Wipro can confirm that it will honor all offer letters made to deserving candidates in a phased manner”. Such statements have not been released by Tech Mahindra or Infosys.

While the reason behind this massive rejection of candidacy is unknown, a consistent pattern among top IT and technology companies highlights that a possible cause could be rising global inflation and fears of a recession in the coming days. Companies have already started cutting costs. Reports suggest that TCS will postpone its variable compensation to employees, while Infosys will cut it by 70 percent. Wipro will likely postpone it entirely, according to reports.

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