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Climate change: Apple wants suppliers to decarbonise in pursuit of clean energy

Apple Inc said on Tuesday it would make new investments to set up solar and wind projects in Europe.

Apple Inc said Tuesday it would make new investments to build solar and wind projects in Europe and called on its suppliers to decarbonise its iPhone and other product manufacturing operations.

The company had pledged in 2020 to eliminate carbon emissions from its entire company, including products and its sprawling supply chain, stretching from Vietnam to Brazil, by 2030.

The iPhone maker will now require its suppliers to report progress on carbon neutrality targets, specifically Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reductions, related to the production of Apple products, and will monitor their progress annually.

More than 200 suppliers, representing 70% of Apple’s direct manufacturing spending and including Corning Inc, Nitto Denko Corp, SK Hynix Inc, STMicroelectronics, TSMC and Yuto, are committed to providing clean energy such as wind or solar power. use for all Apple production, according to Apple. .

Apple had previously asked suppliers to commit to 100% renewable energy for Apple’s manufacturing.

“We are determined to be a ripple in the pond that drives greater change,” said Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. Apple has been carbon neutral for its global business operations since 2020.

Many multinational companies are increasingly exploring global supply chains to reduce their carbon footprint as climate change becomes a greater focus for investors and regulators.

Apple said the European investment is part of a strategy to tackle about 22% of its carbon footprint that comes from the electricity customers use to charge their devices.

With the construction of new projects in Europe, the company aims to power all Apple devices on the continent with low-carbon electricity.

In total, the planned investments will add 3,000 gigawatt hours of new renewable energy to the grid, Apple said.

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