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Google Chrome Users BEWARE! Delete THIS app NOW

Experts have discovered a new Google Chrome browser botnet called Cloud9 that uses malicious extensions. The extensions are used to steal your account information.

Are you a Google Chrome user? If so, here’s something to look out for. You should beware of a dangerous extension that can take control of your device. According to the information provided by The Sun, a threat called Cloud9 has been found hiding in malicious extensions that allow the hackers to take control of your device and take over your account and passwords.

It may be known that these are not the extensions available on the official Chrome store. “Fortunately, these are not extensions available on the official Chrome store. Instead, they lurk around the wider web – all the more reason not to download extensions outside the appropriate store,” The sun said: in a report.

The report further informed that it is being pushed on websites for things like fake Adobe Flash Player updates. Apart from the Chrome users, Microsoft Edge users should also be alert as it also uses the same technology and therefore can be attacked by the extensions.

The extension consists of three JavaScript files for collecting system information, mining cryptocurrency using the host’s resources, conducting DDoS attacks, and injecting scripts that execute browser exploits, informed Bleeping Computer.

The scam was discovered by the experts at Zimperium and they are not aware of the exact number of victims affected.

“It’s pretty clear that this malware group is targeting all browsers and operating systems, trying to increase their attack surface,” the company warned.

“We found some screenshots from a hacker forum where the threat actor shows the victims they attacked,” the report added.

To stay safe and get the best security, Google Chrome users are advised to update the app to the latest version. Users can also enable Enhanced Protection in the privacy and security settings in Chrome.

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