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IIT Madras Students Organize Space Tech Summit

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) students host a Space Tech Summit as part of the annual Shaastra tech festival to promote innovation and collaboration in the industry. After a two-year hiatus, Shaastra 2023, one of the largest student-run tech festivals in the country, will be held physically from January 26 to 29, 2023 this year.
Besides the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), IIT Madras students are teaming up with top space technology entities in India such as GalaxEye Space and AgniKul Cosmos for the Space Tech Summit. It will also bring together top aerospace industry leaders and provide a platform for networking through a series of professional workshops, interactive lectures, panel discussions and VC pitching sessions, among others.
In addition to management and finance, workshops will also be given on technologies such as machine learning, robotics, astronomy and Web 3.0. “Symbiosis 2023,” a mini-party under Shaastra 2023, brings together AI, ML, and DS experts and enthusiasts to explore the theme of the new era.
Speaking at a press conference on campus today (January 25, 2023), Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras said, “There will be several open house workshops on the top technologies invented by IIT Madras, including 5G and Hyperloop.”
Shaastra 2023 highlights
Speaking further of the expected results through Shaastra 2023, Professor V Kamakoti said, “With regard to space technology, IIT Madras is looking forward to motivating people for both rocket and satellite development. One of the expected outcomes is understanding the uses of corporate space. This could be a starting point for startups to help decide what kind of satellites to be built in the future.”
Shaastra will also host school students as part of the Institute Open House, allowing them to explore the IIT Madras campus and its world-class facilities. They will interact with researchers who will present their work. The party will also witness the final round of the “Junior Make-a-Thon,” where students will showcase the prototypes they built through the mentorship process, focused on solving real-world problems.
prof. Nilesh J Vasa, Dean (Students), IIT Madras, highlighted the lessons for students of organizing such events: “Moving from a fully online mode to a ground-based mode is not an easy task, and the team has been working very diligently .We look forward to extending a warm welcome to all participants, speakers, judges and other stakeholders to our campus as part of Shaastra.Boeing’s Aeromodelling Competition and Flipkart GRiD 4.0 Robotics Challenge Finals are exciting events to look forward to!”
Praise for the student’s efforts to organize this huge event, prof. Ratna Kumar Annabattula, Co-Curricular Advisor, IIT Madras, said: “Shastra 2023 will feature keynote lectures by industry professionals from the likes of Google, Siemens and Subex, as well as workshops and events allowing participants to showcase their talents. The event will also host programming hackathons, supported by brands such as M2P, Wells Fargo, L&T and Schlumberger, to challenge students’ programming skills as they compete against the nation’s brightest minds to tackle practical, real-life problems with original and innovative solutions. The Shaastra team worked relentlessly to make the entire event a success, and we look forward to seeing their efforts pay off. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors for their support.”

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