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Look up in November! Meteor Showers, Lunar Eclipse, New Moon – fascinating skies approaching

Skywatchers have a great chance this month to see various celestial events, including meteor shower, lunar eclipse, new moon and more.

October was a great month to look at the sky, but November is going to be even more exciting. This month, skywatchers will be mesmerized with not just one or two, but a whopping six celestial events. Fascinating events like the Taurids Meteor Shower, 2022 total lunar eclipse, new moon and more are just around the corner. If you’re excited to see the sky with these rare occurrences, prepare with your telescopes or binoculars. First of all, know what’s on the schedule for skywatchers this month.

Taurians Meteor Shower

The month kicks off with the first show of the long-running Taurid meteor shower, which will culminate on the night of November 4, today. However, it will be a massive downpour as you can expect only 5-10 meteors per hour during peak weather. com report.

Total Lunar Eclipse

One of the biggest moments to look at the sky this month is the total lunar eclipse that will illuminate the sky on November 8. This will be a rare moment, as the next total solar eclipse is not expected before 2025. -red moon full solar eclipse. Unfortunately, most parts of India will not be able to see the total lunar eclipse.

Uranus in opposition

On November 9, Uranus comes closest, making it look brighter than at any other time. The beauty is that it will be visible on the night of November 9, but it will only appear as a small blue-green dot.

Peak of Leonid’s Meteor Shower

The Leonid meteor shower, which radiates from the constellation Leo, will be at its peak on November 17 or 18. The Leonids peak during mid-November each year is considered a major downpour.

New Moon

November 23 is the day of a new moon, which occurs when the sun, moon and Earth are aligned so closely that only the dark side of the moon faces Earth.

Peak of November Orionids Meteor Shower

This month is full of meteor showers. On November 28, the Orionid Meteor Shower will be at its peak. October was known for the beautiful view of the Orionids meteor shower. Not only that, the month begins with the Taurid meteor shower, but it also ends with the view of the Orionids meteor shower.

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